Specialized training strategies for cycling performance

On 27 June 2023 a masterclass will be given by Iñigo Mujika.
Location: Bizkaia Aretoa (Conference Venue

0900 – 17.00 hours


Integrated periodization

  • What it is
  • Training periodization methods
  • Integrated, multifactorial approach to periodization
  • Periodization of additional training components

Altitude training

  • Hematological and non-hematological adaptations
  • Individual response
  • Factors influencing adaptation
  • Hypobaric hypoxia vs normobaric hypoxia
  • Monitoring adaptation during altitude training

Off-season management

  • Training reversibility
  • Physiological consequences of training cessation
  • Retention of training-induced adaptations

Individualized recovery strategies

  • Rationale for proactive recovery
  • Periodized approach to recovery
  • Evidence-based strategies
  • Generalized vs. individualized approach to recovery
About the instructor

Iñigo Mujika earned Ph.D.s in Biology of Muscular Exercise (University of Saint-Etienne, France) and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (University of The Basque Country). He is also a Level III Swimming and Triathlon Coach. Iñigo has exceptional ability to translate scientific research into every day coaching and advice for athletes and coaches. His main research interests include training methods and recovery, tapering, detraining, overtraining and nutrition. He has performed extensive research in physiology and performance in professional cycling and other endurance and team sports. Iñigo has published 181 articles in peer reviewed journals, six books and 45 book chapters, and has given 437 lectures and communications in international conferences and meetings. Among other professional positions, Iñigo was Head of Physiology and Training at Euskaltel Euskadi World Tour Cycling Team, Senior Physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport, Team Selector for Triathlon Australia, Head of Research and Development at Athletic Club Bilbao Professional Football Club, and Head of Sport Sciences and Performance Support at the Spanish Swimming Federation. He is now Advisor for the Japan High Performance Sport Center, Associate Professor at the University of the Basque Country, Adjunct Professor at Finis Terrae University in Chile, and Associate Editor for the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. Having worked across multiple sports and countries in the domains of coaching, science, education and consulting, Iñigo brings unique perspectives on how individual athletes, teams and nations can best prepare for competition.


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