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Marc-Daniel AhrendPrediction of Mountain Bike Race Performance in Female Cyclists2015_Marc Daniel Ahrend_02verbodsbord
Marc-Daniel AhrendLactate dynamics of mountain bikers in a laboratory performance diagnostic2015_Marc Daniel Ahrend_01fverbodsbord
Samuel AmorimAssessment of Serum 25 (OH) Vitamin D Status in Elite Portuguese Cycling Athletes2015_Samuel Amorim_01verbodsbord
Carol AustinIdentifying & Enabling African Cycling Talent - MTN Qhubeka moving Africa forwardverbodsbord
No Permission
Tessa BackhuijsAmateur Cyclist can complete the full Tour de France in the same Amount of Days as professional Cyclists2015_Tessa Backhuijs_01Backhuijs_presentation
Doug BauerCycling & Osteoporosis: Who, what and why?KeynoteBauer_presentation
William BertucciEvaluation of comfort: Acceleration transmissibility of different road bikes
2015_William Bertucci_01Bertucci_presentation
Bert BlockenNew Surprises in Cycling AerodynamicsKeynoteverbodsbord
No Permission
Manhal BoyaDifferences in visual information-seeking behavior between expert and novice time-trial cyclists
2015_Manhal Boya_01Boya_presentation
Anthony BouillodValidity of Track Aero System to assess aerodynamic drag in professional cyclists
2015_ Anthony Bouillod_01Bouillod_presentation
Hein DaanenHeat Balance in Mountain Cycling & The Effects of AcclimatisationKeynoteDaanen_presentation
Charles DauweAnalysis of Mean Maximal Power in cycling with a modified Critical Power model allowing for a non-constant Anaerobic Work Capacity
2015_Charles Dauwe_01Dauwe_presentation
Andrew EdgarThe Science of Cycling & The Philosophy of TechnologyKeynote
Jos de KoningAn investigation of the underlying mechanisms of overtraining in a natural experimental model2015_Jos de Koning_01
Louis DelahaijeLotto Jumbo Pro Cycling working towards the Tour de FranceKeynoteDelahaije_presentation
Carl FosterIt's a long, long way to ....Paris. The role of pacing in tour cyclingKeynoteFoster_presentation
Tomasz GabrysTreadmill cycling trial in diagnostics endurance preparation of MTB cyclists before Olympic Games or World Championship.2015_Tomasz Gabrys_01verbodsbord
Hedda GiorgiInternal Mechanical Power During Cycling Using Non-Circular Versus Circular Chainrings
2015_Hedda Giorgi_01Giorgi_presentation
Willem GosensReliability of Time –Trial versus Time-to-Exhaustion Cycle Tests in healthy untrained subjects.2015_Willem Gosens_01verbodsbord
Frédéric GrappeThe useof the Record Power Profile
for training optimisation
Luca GuercilenaThe Importance of Research & Science for Professional Cycling TeamsKeynote
Harrie HaenenSeparating muscular and non-muscular forces at the pedal
2015_Harrie Haenen_01Haenen_presentation
Mathieu HeijboerPedaling patterns of professional cyclists during a Grand Tour
2015_Mathieu Heijboer_01
Levi HeimansThe effect of aerodynamic characteristics on the drafting effect in track cycling
2015_Levi Heimans_01Heimans_presentation
Sven HoekstraThe effects of 4 months handbike training under free-living conditions on physical fitness and health outcomes2015_Sven Hoekstra_01Hoekstra_presentation
James HopkerUsing retrospective analysis of race results to determine success in elite cycling2015_James Hopker_01Hopker_presentation
Jason HyndRehabilitation of a tibial plateau fracture within an elite female mountainbiker. A case report.
2015_Jason Hynd_01Hynd_presentation
Asker JeukendrupNutritional Challenges & Solutions in the Tour de France; The Gut as a Critical OrganKeynote
Lotte KrausEvaluating the central pressure point to determine the optimal saddle setback
2015_Lotte Kraus_01Kraus_presentation
Robert LambertsPredicting & Monitoring Cycling Performance to Optimize Training PrescriptionKeynoteNot available
Koen LevelsThe effect of deceptive information about receiving cooling on pacing pattern during a 20-km cycling time trial in the heat
2015_Koen Levels_01Levels_presentation
Heinz LugoThe effects of varied terrain and bicycle fitting on aerobic power production: Test methodology
2015_Heinz Lugo_02Lugo_presentation2
Heinz LugoEffect of feedback on cycling performance in a 4-kilometre laboratory time trial
2015_Heinz Lugo_01Lugo_presentation1
Fabio MaliziaNumerical simulations of cross wind effect on cyclist aerodynamic resistance
2015_Fabio Malizia_01verbodsbord
No permission
Pieter MertensA new approach to bike fitting: Presenting bilateral motion analysis data to gain insight in the ideal bike fit.
Inigo MujikaKeynote
Dominic MicklewrightStick, Twist or Bust?Prospection, Risk-Perception and Decision-Making in CyclingKeynoteMicklewright_presentation
David Nichols (Nathan Townsend)Thresholds in ventilation, cerebral and muscle oxygenation, and muscle activity during incremental cycling exercise
2015_David Nichols_01Nichols-Townsend_presentation
Theo OuvrardCyclo-cross Performance and Physiological/Psychological parameters2015_Theo Ouvrard_01verbodsbord
Louis PassfieldUsing power meters to monitor and evaluate training
Vitor Perreira CostaReliability and validity of PowerCal power distribution during cycling time trial2015_Vitor Pereira Costa_01verbodsbord
Daniel SchadeContact Point Management of Professional CyclistsSchade_presentation
Andrea SciacchitanoA quantitative flow visualization technique for on-site sport aerodynamics optimization
2015_Andrea Sciacchitano_01Sciacchitano_presentation
Albert SmitPower-velocity curve: relevance of the SRM Ergometer for simulated cycling performance and constant duration tests
2015_Albert Smit_01Smit_presentation
David SundstromOptimal distribution of power output and braking for corners in road cycling
2015_David Sundstrom_01Sundstrom_presentation
Jeroen SwartAn analysis of intrinsic factors, performance, comfort and economy in relation to static and dynamic whole body kinematics in recreational and elite cyclists
2015_Jeroen Swart_01Swart_presentation
Yusuke TamuraEstimation of Handgrip Position Based on Force Measurement During Steady Pedaling2015_Yusuke Tamura_01fverbodsbord
Daniel TaylorEffect of deceptively aggressive bike pacing on sprint-distance triathlon performance.2015_Daniel Taylor_01Poster
Nathan TownsendModeling intermittent cycling performance in hypoxia using the critical power concept
2015_Nathan Townsend_01Townsend_presentation
Johannes van Beek"Computer modelling of energy turnover and body temperatures in elite cyclists during climbing:
steep, steeper, Angliru; cold, colder, Gavia."
2015_Johannes van Beek_01VanBeek_presentation
Wannes van HoofLow Back Pain in Cycling: does it matter how you sit?
2015_Wannes Van Hoof_01Van Hoof_presentation
Paul VisentiniThe Body & the Bike: A Closed Kinetic Chain analysis of Cycling Overuse Injury.2015_Paul Visentini_01Visentini_presentation
Guido VroemenThe use of power data in the Roompot Pro/Continental Cycling team and in Elite Pro Ironman triathletes
Guido VroemenThe secret of cycling: The science of cycling explained in mathematical modelsVroemen_presentation2
Sebastian WeberApplied simulation of the energy metabolism in professional cycling
James WrightThe reliability and validity of the 3-minute critical power test in linear and isokinetic mode
2015_James Wright_01Wright_presentation
Emma ZadowValidity of the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer and Reliability of a 4 km Cycle Time Trial
2015_Emma Zadow_01Zadow_presentation