Abassi, AliDifferent bicycle Q-factor width change lower extremity kinematic variables associated with the risk of knee overuse injuriesAl Abassi 1.0
Barnaby, GeorgeSprocket Size Optimisation for Derailleur Racing BicyclesBarnaby
Bock de, Lap sector segmentation using discrete fourier transformation and geospatial alignment for inter- and intra-athlete workout file comparisonDe Bock 1.0
Burger, RamonaOn the marginal gains of computed optimal pacing strategies
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Dobiasch, MartinTraining Characteristics of Athletes in Golden Cheetah Open DataDobiasch 1.0
Filleul, VInterventional studies for promoting prevention of doping in cycling: a systematic reviewFilleul 1.0
Fukuda, MasahiroAnalysis of pedaling motion focusing on the crank angle corresponding to the maximum pedal angleFukuda 1.0
Gerguri, SphendCFD Investigation of the effect of crank geometry and pedalling dynamics on drag.Gerguri 1.0
Giorgi, AndreaCan regional bioimpedance vector analysis highlights functional asymmetry in the legs of professional cyclists?Giorgi 1.0
Kholkhine, LeonidA Machine Learning approach for In-Race Cycling Performance PredictionKholkine 1.0
Leo, PeterWorkload characteristics and race performance of U23 and elite cyclists during an UCI 2. Pro multistage race (Tour of the Alps)Leo 1.0
Michel, FrankThermal Comfort of Winter Cycling FootwearMichel 1.0Michel-poster
Millour, GeoffreyOptimisation of hand spacing in submaximal hand cycling: a case study
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Millour 1.0
Nishitani, RyoAnalysis of relationship between standing posture and riding form using spinal curvature indexNishitani 1.0
Pujol, MariusA single field test evaluation for the assessment of the Record Power Profile in cyclingPujol
Rodriguez-Samaca, José Pabloiomechanics of lower extremities and the bike handlebar reach.
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rodriguez-Samaca- revision
Salvanelli, GRisk factors influencing bicycle theft in Milan (Italy): A spatial analysisSalvanelli 1.0
Spragg, James Can Critical Power be Estimated from Training and Racing Data using Mean Maximal Power Outputs?
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Spragg 1.0
Thompson, NathanThe effects of augmented feedback on twenty-five kilometre cycling time trials on trained cyclistsThompson 1.1
Vermeire, KThe influence of different training load quantification methods on the fitness-fatigue modelVermeire 1.0
Viellehner, JosefThe effect of road bike damping on neuromuscular activation and power outputViellehner-revision
Vossel van, KimMuscle fiber typologies in elite cycling disciplines Van Vossel 1.0