Aubert, RemiUnderstanding frictions: Methodological guidelines for measuring transmission efficiencyAubert, Remi 2022
Barrett, StephenWhen to Hop and When to Jump: Steps Taken in the Development Pathway’n/a
Bergin-Taylor, KurtField-based testing to determine power-cadence and torque-cadence profiles in professional road cyclists
n/aBergin-Taylor, Kurt 2022
Bertron, YannMaximal aerobic power-cadence relationship estimation in national level under nineteen cyclists from in-situ data
Bertron - abstract websiteBertron, Yann 2022
Blanchfield, JamieAdolescence to Adulthood, Managing The Key Transitions in Developing Cyclist’s Sporting Careers: The Athlete’s Perspective
Blanchfield abstract websiteBlanchfield, Jamie 2022
Bock de, JelleReal-time energy monitoring of track cyclists
De Bock - abstract
Brooke, AndyAre we closer to understanding the role of the ankle in pedaling?n/aBrooke, Andy 2022
Caen, Kevin W’ recovery during intermittent exercise: current limitations and future challenges of predictive models
Caen - abstract websiteS&C 2022 - Presentatie W' recovery
Duc, SebastienEffect of pedaling cadence on physiological responses and neuromuscular fatigue during a single interval-training session
Duc - abstract websiteDuc, Sebastien 2022
Elferink-Gemser, MarijeTalent development (working title)n/aElferink-Gemser, Marije
Fallon, ThomasThe Knowledge and Attitudes of UCI Competitive Cyclists towards Sports Related Concussion
Fallon - abstract websiteFallon, Thomas 2022
Gabriel Avina-Bravo, EliSports & Health applications of a versatile electronic
architecture for e-bikes: Preliminary study
Bertron - abstract website

Gabriel - abstract website
Poster Gabriel
Glomser, GerritDifferences in physiological variables of U23 cyclists between normoxia and hypoxiaGlomser - abstract websiteGlomser, Gerrit 2022
Hansen, ErnstFreely chosen cadence is increased across repeated bouts of submaximal ergometer cycling
Hansen - abstract websitenot available
Hoegh Cubel, ClaesHow low can you go – exploring the balance between aerodynamic advantages and restrictions related to reducing the torso-hip angleCubel - abstractnot available
Holliday, WendyBike fit: applying the research to the clinic
n/aHolliday, Wendy 2022. 01pdf
Hull, JamesBreathing problems in cyclists: getting it right, first timen/aNot available
Hurst, HowardPerceptions of cycling helmet safety in relation to sports-related concussion mitigation amongst competitive cyclists Hurst abstract websiteHurst, Howard 2022
Hyttel, MagnusAge-related decline in aerobic potential in trained to well-trained cyclists
Hyttel - abstract websitePoster
Imbery, FelixTorque behaviour during cycling sprints from different pedalling frequencies
Imbery abstractImbery, Felix 2022
Iriberri, JonBiomechanical follow up in elite road cycling
iriberri - abstractIriberri, Jon 2022
Knobbe, ArnoDay-to-day fitness assessment in cycling, based on a power/heart rate model
Knobbe abstractKnobbe, arno 2022 zonder video
Lamberts, RobertWhat does it take to win a Giro Rosa or Giro d’Italia; differences and similarities between a male female and male Grand Tour winner
Landry, JacquesMember forum on Young Talent Developmentn/an/a
Lemaitre, CedricEstimation of the drag force: a neuronal approach
De Bock - abstract

Hurst abstract website

soto-romero - abstract

Caen - abstract website

Nybo - abstract website

Spragg - abstract website

Stanley - abstract website

Duc - abstract website

Glomser - abstract website

Bertron - abstract website

Gabriel - abstract website

Hyttel - abstract website

Hansen - abstract website

Fallon - abstract website

O'Malley - abstract website

Triska abstract website

Imbery abstract

Lemaitre abstract
Lemaitre, Cedric
Leo, PeterThe Compound Score in elite road cycling
leo abstract websiteLeo, Peter 2022
Mueller, BeatFrom Rio to Tokyo: The evolution of tyre testing designs for the Swiss national mountain bike teamPoster
Nybo, Lars
Lundby, Carsten
Preparing for the TDF – go high or go hot ? Nybo - abstract websitenot available
Piper, AndersThe Invisible Aspectn/aPiper, Anders 2022
Pringle, JamieThe ergonomics of aerodynamics: solving the biomechanical puzzle of positional optimisation
n/anot presented
Sanders, DajoProfiling riders and races to inform training practice
n/aSanders, Dajo 2022
Seiler, StephenInformation Flow to support Decisions and Development in Professional Cyclingn/aSeiler, Stephen 2022
Sebastien RicciardiAerodynamic Drag Between Two Cyclists: Effect of Wheel Rotationsoto-romero - abstractRicciardi, Sebastien 2022
Spragg, JamesPredicting power outputs in a fatigued state: A pilot study
Caen - abstract website

Nybo - abstract website

Spragg - abstract website
Spragg, James 2022
Stanley, RobertPosition for the Sprint: A performance analysis of intermediate sprints in the Men’s Elite Omnium Points Race
Stanley abstract websiteSpragg, James 2022
Swart, JeroenReturn from severe injury. How long does it take to return to play at the highest level. Unique physiological insights from twins in a World Tour Teamn/aSwart, Jeroen 2022 (twins)
Swart, JeroenPolarised or pyramidal approach to training prescription: What is the evidence and what do we see in practicen/aSwart Jeroen 2022
Triska, ChristophBypass of Respiratory Complex I and its relation to different lactate landmarks – a pilot study
Triska abstract websiteTriska, Christph 2022
Wakefield, JohnMember forum on Young Talent Developmentn/an/a
Weber, SebastianGlycolytic Power in Cycling - a brief history of VLamaxn/a
Zenger, NinaDoes speed influence time to exhaustion at maximal aerobic power in treadmill cycling?n/aZenger, Nina 2022