Hunter AllenBi-lateral Power Measurement: What it means and how to use itKEYNOTEPedaling Symmetry-2018_France-HUNTER ALLEN
Nicki AlmquistEffect of including 30-s sprints in prolonged endurance exercise on muscular adaptations and gross efficiency in highly trained cyclistsNicki Winfield AlmquistNicki Almquist
Richard AndersonConcussion assessment in cycling: a systematic review and call to actionRichard AndersonRichard Anderson
Gorkem Aybars Balci
Effects of high intensity continuous and intermittent training strategies used for endurance development on cardio-vascular responses
Gorkem BalciPPT gorkem aybars balci-compressed
Stephen BarrettDeveloping riders in a procontinental team (working title)Guillaume LemaitreSBarrett
Jarich BraeckeveltData Driven Bike FittingJarich BraeckeveltJARICH BRAECKEVELT
Stephen CheungAdapting to training and competing in the heat (keynote)KEYNOTECycling Science 2018 stephen cheung
Chen Chia-HsiangEffect of Different Handlebar Positions on EMG and Peddle Force during Cycling (Poster)Chia-Hsiang ChenPOSTER
Curtis CramblettFixed!: The 4 steps to comprehensive rehabilitation (keynote)KEYNOTEScience of Cycling 4 Steps Cramblett
Charles DauweA critical confusion (opening)Charles DauweCharles Dauwe
Lieselot DecroixNutritional Supplements and the BrainKEYNOTELieselot
Martin DobiaschGuiding athletes through heartrate and power based tasksMartin Dobiaschdobiasch
Sylvain DorelOptimizing muscle coordination and pedaling technique; What does it mean and is it really beneficial for performance? (keynote)KEYNOTESci Cycl 2018 DOREL ok
Steve FaulknerIdentification of the threshold ambient temperature above which pre-cooling has a performance benefit for time trials in the heat. Steve FaulknerMatthias Hovorka

Erik Kolsung

Cédric Lemaitre

Masahiro FukudaConnection between Heel Motion and Torque in crank revolutionMasahiro FukudaMasahiro Fukuda
Valentin GalletMachine learning and physical modelling: optimizing the performance and strategy for time trialsValentin GalletScience in Cycling Gallet
Alejandro Gonzalez-TablasInside the WCC: Models of TID and Formation (poster)Esperanza Martín-SantanaPOSTER
Andrea GiorgiExternal training load, performance markers and body composition of professional road cyclists with-in competitive seasonandrea giorgiAndrea
Cyril GranierPower and force-velocity relationships during international olympic cross-country mountain bike competitionsCyril GranierGranier
Daniel GreenTraining and Racing in the World Tour (special)KEYNOTEDaniel Green - slides
Alain GroslambertWhat cycling can learn from other sports?KEYNOTEConf A Groslambert 2018
Darias Holgado NunezNull effects of tDCS over the Left Prefrontal Cortex on Self-paced Exercise and EEGDarias Holgado Nuñez
Wendy HollidayKinematics, muscle recruitment patterns and pressure mapping in cycling biomechanics - Recent research findings and practical outcomesWendy HollidayWendy
Matthias HovorkaEffects of flat and uphill cycling on the power duration relationshipMatthias HovorkaMatthias Hovorka
Howard HurstMagnitude of Translational and Rotational Head Accelerations During Downhill Mountain BikingAlejandro Javaloyes

Nils Jongerius

Tomoki Kitawaki

Erik Kolsung

Cedric Lemaitre

Peter Leo

Jose-Ramon Lillo-Bevia

Gabriel Martins

Geoffrey Millour

Mireille Mostaert

Alfred Nimmerichter

Theo Ouvrard

Maxime Robin

Bent R. Rønnestad

Iris Sachet

Knut Skovereng

Andy Sparks

Robert Stanley

Yen, Li-Che

Steve Faulkner

Andrea Wooles

Howard Hurst
Howard Hurst
Alejandro JavaloyesTraining prescription guided by heart rate variability in cyclingAlejandro JavaloyesJavaloyes
Nils JongeriusDifferences in Strength & Power profiles between Road and Time Trial cyclists (poster)Nils JongeriusPOSTER
Tomoki KitawakiA pedaling force vector can be represented by the sum of three elemental force vector waveformsTomoki KitawakiCycling_Science_2018_kitawaki (2)
Erik KolsungPhysiological response to cycling with variable versus constant power outputErik KolsungErik Kolsung-compressed
Cedric LemaitreFirst evaluation of an automated system for cyclist’s aerodynamic drag assessmentCedric LemaitreCédric Lemaitre
Guillaume LemaitreEstimate Power without Measuring it: a Machine Learning Application
Peter LeoMuscle deoxygenation kinetics in cycling time trialPeter LeoPeter Leo
Jose Ramon Lillo-BeviaValidity and Reliability of the Powertap P1 Pedals Power Meter
Jose-Ramon Lillo-Beviajose ramon lillo-bevia
Dan LorangWhat changed ? - How Team BORA-hansgrohe evaluates & monitors physiological responses to training and racing periodsKEYNOTEDan Lorang
Gabriel MartinsThe effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse on physical performance during a 24.5 km cycling time trialGabriel MartinsGabriel Martins-compressed
Dominic MicklewrightHuman Perception and Cycling: Effort, Fatigue and Performance (keynote)KEYNOTEDominic
Geoffrey MillourEffects of cycling shoe cleat position in performance and physiological variables during cycling and subsequent running in simulated Olympic distance triathlonGeoffrey MillourPPT Geoffrey Millour-compressed
Mireille MostaertAnthropometry, physical fitness, and coordination in young cyclists of different disciplinesMireille MostaertMireille Mostaert
Alfred NimmerichterMuscle deoxygenation during moderate- and severe-intensity cycling in youth elite-cyclistsAlfred NimmerichterNimmerichter et al, Muscle deoxygenation youth cyclists
Theo OuvrardThe new Exposure Variation Analysis (EVA) method to compare pacing strategy and performance during professional time-trial competitionsTheo OuvrardOuvrard et al. 2018
Kevin PoultonThe use of Heart Rate Variability to optimise acute and chronic training loads and recovery in recreational and elite cyclistsScience & cycling 2018 Wegerif Poulton v1
Maxime RobinMuscle-tendon interactions during sprint cycling: effect of the force-velocity condition on the vastus leteralis and gastrocnemius medialis behaviorsMaxime RobinRobin
Bent RonnestadAdding vibration to high-intensity intervals increase time at high oxygen uptake in well-trained cyclistsBent R. Rønnestad
Adrian RotunnoHow do you monitor health in riders in preparation and during a Grand Tour? (special)KEYNOTE
Iris SachetRelation between maximal power in sprint cycling, pedal force orientation and strength capability of the main lower limb muscle groups in elite sprint cyclistsIris SachetIris Sachet
Victor SchollerEffect of mountainbike spirgrips® on transmissibility of mechanical vibrations, perceived comfort, muscular activity and hand grip forceVictor Scholler
Knut SkoverengThe effect of time trial position on physiological variables in elite cyclingKnut SkoverengKnut Skovereng
Andy SparksPre-exercise optimisation of the alkalosis response to sodium bicarbonate ingestion: have we been missing its peak ergogenic effect?Andy SparksAndy
Robert StanleyPredicting a Power-Duration Curve in Elite Endurance Track CyclistsRobert StanleyNOT PRESENTED
Jeroen SwartLaboratory performance testing: Validity, reliability and practical relevance together with some interesting data from the a multiple Tour De France winner (keynote)KEYNOTEScience & Cycling - final Swart
Sebastian WeberMetabolic responses in high intensity interval training in elite cyclists – same training different stimulus?!KEYNOTE
Stefan WolfModeling in Road Cycling for Optimal Pacing Strategies: Theory vs. PracticeStefan WolfSaupe
Andrea WoolesThe MacGyver Approach: Research & Innovation on a BudgetAndrea WoolesWendy

Li-Che YenThe Effect of Different Cadence and Gear Ratio on Pedal force and Riding Stability (Poster)Yen, Li-ChePOSTER
Mikel ZabalaKey variables to control the training process in cyclingKEYNOTEMikel Zabala_NANTES 2018