The Cyclus2 is an innovative state-of-the-art cycling ergometer packed with electronic and IT solutions, comprising of standardized performance tests, isokinetic mode, lateral oscillation, and training- and programming applications. Due to its versatility, functionality and user-friendliness it is used by sports scientists, high performance centres, coaches and top-class cyclists worldwide.
Mastering performance with inscyd the world's most advanced physiological performance analysis software.
INSCYD provides coaches & scientists with a holistic & detailed insight into their athletes’ physiology.
It explains how physiological metrics interact and compose an athletic performance.
INSCYD tracks every single metric and projects future performance outcomes.
Notio Technologies

Kronos Analytics stands as an innovative company whose goal is to help cyclists getting better by maximizing their potential. To this end, we draw inspiration from the concept of “marginal gains”, introduced by Team Sky, to provide an all-in-one digital solution, allowing riders to improve each aspect of their performance. This includes training planification, optimal pacing strategy setting, as well as equipment and aerodynamics enhancement. This unique approach of the performance optimization offers a significant gain, reaching hundreds of watts in some cases thus giving the riders the opportunity to achieve far better results.
Our technology processes the data collected by the athlete when training or racing and combines both physical and physiological modelling as well as high-end data science technology (Machine Learning, Big Data…) within complex algorithms. Our ecosystem integrates a mobile app, a website and targets any cyclist (ranging from amateur to professional) aiming at improving his/her physical abilities in order to raise to another tier of performance.
Bioracer Motion is the new standard in professional cycling analysis. this high-tech innovation is the only system in the world that simultaneously analyzes both sides of the cyclist. This provides a unique insight in one's cycling movement, symmetry and stability These insights are a prerequisite to create the perfect cycling movement to reach maximum performance and minimize the risk of overuse injuries.
The company GeBioM is active in the field of biomechanics for more than fifteen years. Originating from the School of Sports Science of Münster University, GeBioM is a competent partner for sport scientific problems.
We incorporated our experiences in biomechanics in the development of all gebioMized products.

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