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Motio, from STT Systems, develops #smartbiomechanics and premium technologies for human motion studies. Ready to use for sports scientists, clinicians and researchers. Motio's mission is to help achieve biomechanical analysis in the simplest, most precise and efficient way possible. For this, it has more than 25 years of experience developing customized solutions for the most cutting-edge companies around the world. We have knowledge in software development, testing and hardware installation and we work to give the best support.
STT systems

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Established in 1980 and with over 30.000 installations around the world, COSMED can be considered one of the most experienced and reliable providers of Metabolic and Body Composition solutions for labs focused on Sport Science and Human Performance. The unique solution for Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (VO2, VCO2), Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) measurements and Gold Standard solutions for Body Composition analysis provides high degree of customization to suit different individual and investment needs. COSMED product range with its multiple configuration options is a perfect choice to assess and monitor sport and human performances in many facility settings such as Olympic training centers, military bases, wellness centers and research institutes. Key information can be drawn from Metabolic and Body Composition measurements to provide personalized training programs, exercise prescription or get physiological insights. All devices are controlled by the same, user-friendly OMNIA Software Platform, providing a comprehensive solution to manage tests and seamlessly compare, integrate, and share subjects’ data.

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logo-ffcThe French Cycling Federation
The Royal Dutch Cycling Federation is responsible for the development and support for all the disciplines in the cycling sport.
Cycling Canada Cyclisme is a National Sport Organization whose main reason for being is the organization and promotion of cycling in Canada. The activities of the Association are carried out within the constraints of sound business practices with regard to the ethics required of professional staff and to the spirit in which its volunteers function. Guiding Strategies: The development of a strong network of certified coaches and instructors, organizers, officials, events, volunteers and staff
The development of elite athletes
Accessibility to cycling opportunities
National and Regional training centres
A balanced emphasis on all aspects of sport cycling
Financial stability wtih a diverse revenue base
USA Cycling’s Coaching Education Mission is to Enhance coaches abilities through excellence in education, opportunities, tools, and technology. The purpose of our continuing education program is to support this mission and provide USA Cycling coaches with the most up to date knowledge and skills related to being a cycling coach.
Belgian Cycling
French Sports Medicine Association (Société Francais de Médecine de l'exercice et du sport)
The Dutch Association of Sports Medicine promotes the discipline, encourages further development of the profession and guards the quality of the profession.
Logo NTBThe Dutch Triathlon Federation represents the interest of the Triathlon Associations in the Netherlands.
mocThe Medicine of Cycling is an annual conference in the USA.
11-13 September 2020, Colorado Springs

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