Abstracts and presentations 2021

Below you will find the abstracts of the scheduled talks when available. Afer the conference the presentations will be added in case we have permission. It is not allowed to distribute the material. It is for personal use only.
Altuna, AitorEstimating maximal metabolic steady state using critical power
Altuna FinalAltuna PPT
Aubert, RemiEffects of different lubricants on bicycle chains: tribological and ecological study Aubert FinalPoster
Barnaby, GeorgeMapping whole-event drive losses: studying the impact of race profile and rider input on bicycle transmission efficiency
Barnaby FinalBarnaby PPT
Bergin-Taylor, KurtLessons from Olympic track cycling - Innovation opportunities for other cycling disciplines
n/aBergin-Taylor PPT
Bertron, YannForce-velocity components of the critical power in non-cyclists, recreational trained and elite cyclists
Bertron FinalBertron PPT
Bock de, JelleLap sector segmentation using discrete fourier transformation and geospatial alignment for inter- and intra-athlete workout file comparison
De Bock 1.0De Bock PPT
Boon, NielsBikefitting: Current Stae-of-art and future trends
n/aBoon PPT
Bosse, ChristianRoad to Tokyo 2020: The physical preparation of the Dutch Track Cycling Sprint Team
n/aBosse PPT
Brodie, MenachemStrength Training for Cycling Success: 3 mistakes that are sapping your results
n/aBrodie PPT
Buchholtz, KimThe effect of physical and cognitive fatigue on mountain bike balance and agility performance
Buchholtz FinalBuchholtz PPT
DobiaschA gap in the education of future sport Scientists?
Dobiasch FinalDobiasch PPT
Duc, SebastienAdding vibrations during high intensity cycling increases acute physiological responses
Paper DucDuc PPT
Filleul, ValentineInterventional studies for promoting prevention of doping in cycling: a systematic reviewFilleul FinalPoster
Fukuda, MasahiroAnalysis of pedaling motion focusing on the crank angle corresponding to the maximum pedal angle
Fukuda FinalNot presented
Giorgi, AndreaThe influence of prior accumulated fatigue on power output in professional cyclists
Giorgi FinalGiorgi PPT
Henderson, NealA Logical Approach to Chrono Preparation and Competition
n/aHenderson PPT
Hespel, PeterExogenous ketosis in cycling performance: state-of-the art and future perspectives
n/aHespel PPT 1
Hettinga, FlorentinaThe secrets of competition: pacing, decision-making and performance when racing against others
n/aHettinga PPT
Hoschler, LucasThe influence of pelvic-belt design on backpack stability in mountain-bikingHoschler FinalPoster
Hovorka, MatthiasMonitoring pulmonary V̇O2 on-kinetics during a 3-year period in youth elite-cyclists
Hovorka FinalHovorka PPT
Imbery, FelixA new approach to biomechanical analysis in cycling to introduce science to future data acquisitionImbery finalImbery PPT
Kaczorowski, SvenjaEMG Activities of the Shoulder Muscles during a simulated Downhill compared to dynamic Shoulder Exercises – A Cross-Sectional Study
Kaczorowski Finalkaczorowski PPT
Kholkhine, LeonidA Machine Learning approach for In-Race Cycling Performance Prediction
Kholkine 1.0Kholkine PPT
Lamberts, RobertLearning from field data of professional cyclists; from winning bunch sprints to the effect of accumulating fatigue on performance
n/aLamberts PPT
Lemaitre, CedricExperimental evaluation of the repeatability of wind tunnel measurement of cyclist's drag
Lemaitre FinalLemaitre Repeatability PPT
Leo, PeterWorkload characteristics and race performance of U23 and elite cyclists during an UCI 2. Pro multistage race (Tour of the Alps)
Leo 1.0Leo PPT
Lievens, ElineMuscle fiber typologies in elite cycling disciplines
Lievens FinalLievens PPT
Lorang, DanWhat Ironman World Champions and TOP5 Grand Tours GC contenders have in common? Physical and mental aspects of world class athletes in different endurance sports
Marcora, SamueleThe limits of endurance performance: mind over muscle?
n/aMarcora PPT
Morton, ChrisField measurements of aerodynamic performance in cycling: a systematic analysis of sensor accuracy
Mostaert, MireilleMotor coordination may be the key to success in youth cycling
Mostaert 1Mostaert PPT
Neumeister, PhilippInfluence of non-circular chainrings on kinematics during stationary and outdoor cycling
Neumeister 2 FinalNeumeister Kinematics PPT
Neumeister, PhilippInfluence of non-circular chainrings on muscular activity during stationary and outdoor cycling
Neumeister 1Neumeister Muscular Activity PPT
Otter, RubyInfluence of stress and recovery on endurance performance
n/aOtter PPT
Patton, MikeApplied sport science as R&D: lessons from elite team pursuit
Peeters, ThomasIndoor validation of vibrotactile motion steering: towards a new world hour record?n/aPeetersVerwulgen PPT
Pujol, MariusA single field test evaluation for the assessment of the Record Power Profile in cycling
Pujol FinalPujol PPT
Ronnestad, BentHIITn/aRonnestad PDF
Salbany, FilipeWhat can elite cycling learn from elite rowing?
n/aNot presented
Scholler, VictorBiomechanical determinant of sitting comfort in cycling
Scholler FinalScholller PPT
Seiler, StephenLoad, Stress, Strain: Repurposing an established framework to improve the training monitoring process
n/aSeiler PPT
Spragg, JamesCan Critical Power be Estimated from Training and Racing Data using Mean Maximal Power Outputs?
Spragg FinalSpragg PPT
Timm, LarsEffect of shoulder strap design and mechanical properties on the surface pressure of bike backpacksTimm FinalPoster
van Erp, TeunLoad and performance indicators in female professional cycling
n/aVan Erp PPT
Verstockt, StevenAutomatic Mapping of Finish Line Videos for the Objective Analysis of Sprint Behavior
Paper VerstocktVerstockt PPT
Viellehner, JosefThe effect of road bike damping on neuromuscular activation and power output
Viellehner 2.0Viellehner PPT
Voet, JensThe influence of relative age effect on talent identification in professional cycling
Voet Final (age effect)Voet Age Effect PPT
Voet, JensDifferences in execution and perception of training sessions as experienced by (semi-)professional cyclists and their coach
Voet Final (training)Voet perception PPT
Voiry, MatthieuExperimental validation of a computer-vision based method to assess the aerodynamic drag of cyclists
Voiry FinalLemaitre Validation PPT
Winfield Almquist, NickiUniversity of Copenhagen