Doctor of Psychology

Dr. Shaffer helps people and organizations achieve peak performance through
science-based coaching and consulting.
He is an industrial organizational psychology coach, consultant, and thought leader
with over 30 years of international experience working with individuals, teams and
organizations to optimize potential, drive engagement, build resilience, develop
leadership, and create winning and innovative cultures. His experience ranges from
helping CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to working with athletes and teams to reach
peak performance.
His approach is to translate the most relevant research and science, and emerging
practices, into skill-building, behavior change, and mindset shifts tailored to specific
client goals.
His experience and outcomes -driven approach allows him to quickly assess challenges and opportunities, a
develop efficient and effective protocols to help clients navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Adept
at challenging current thinking, motivation, and driving for competitive advantage, Aaron is widely respected as a
trusted advisor. Clients know he brings creativity, candor, and an unwavering commitment to the individuals and
organizations he serves.
Prior to consulting, Dr. Shaffer has held senior leadership roles at Motorola (a Google company), ITT Industries,
MFLEX, and Network Appliance. He teaches at universities in the U.S. on topics including leadership, stress
management, resilience, science of happiness, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, negotiation, and strategy.
On the personal side, Aaron enjoys hiking, camping, family time, adventure travel, and road cycling. He is a
competitive athlete and brings that same focus, drive, and spirit of teamwork to his coaching and consulting
If you want to learn more about how Dr. Shaffer can help you or your organization reach your full potential, please
visit www.shafferpsychological.com or contact him at aaron.shaffer@shafferpsychological.com.

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