Wendy Holliday is a physiotherapist with more than ten years of experience and recently completed her PhD in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town. She combines her physiotherapy background with her PhD knowledge to conduct medical bike fits with Ergofit, Science to Sport, based in Cape Town. Wendy strives to fit each cyclist on their bicycle in the best possible position, taking into consideration their individual needs and goals. Wendy likes to work not only with the athlete but also with the coaches to ensure the athlete is in their best form for training and racing, or that the weekend warrior is comfortable and able to enjoy ‘coffee rides’ with friends.

Wendy has worked with many sportspeople and sporting events, including the ABSA Cape Epic mountain bike race and with the UAE Team Emirates World Tour cycling team.

Her PhD study, focusing on cycling biomechanics, investigated the intrinsic factors associated with preferred bicycle configuration, reliability of different measuring tools and how different riding intensities affect the riders’ kinematics and saddle pressure indices.

She has presented selected chapters of her thesis work at numerous national and international conferences, including Science & Cycling, Medicine of Cycling and ISCO. Wendy is currently in the process of moving to the United States in order to expand on her work and research.




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