cyclus2 logo rgbThe Cyclus2 is an innovative state-of-the-art cycling ergometer packed with electronic and IT solutions, comprising of standardized performance tests, isokinetic mode, lateral oscillation, and training- and programming applications. Due to its versatility, functionality and user-friendliness it is used by sports scientists, high performance centres, coaches and top-class cyclists worldwide.
ithlete logo_TRPContrary to popular belief the human heart doesn’t beat like a metronome. The time gap between individual heartbeats is known as heart rate variability (HRV) and is an accurate indication of your level of stress and recovery. By monitoring your HRV regularly you can improve the effectiveness of your training and overall health.
ithlete is the leading scientifically validated HRV mobile app, and teamed with our exclusive Finger Sensor offers the most convenient and intuitive tool available. Used by over 20,000 customers including professional teams and researchers, ithlete delivers the information you need to improve both your health and fitness.
innov trainingInnov-Training aims at providing cyclist coaches with a new, high-tech and easy-to-use tool, accurately and automatically analyzing an athlete's training session. This tool is actually unique in using the technology of machine learning, enabling to analyze large amounts of training data and linking the time spent in training to a flexible model of performance. In this way, considering the adversity of the training context and the individualized training responses, or preventing overreaching are no longer an issue of diagnosis