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cyclus2 logo rgbThe Cyclus2 is an innovative state-of-the-art cycling ergometer packed with electronic and IT solutions, comprising of standardized performance tests, isokinetic mode, lateral oscillation, and training- and programming applications. Due to its versatility, functionality and user-friendliness it is used by sports scientists, high performance centres, coaches and top-class cyclists worldwide.
Logo_NewMastering performance with inscyd the world's most advanced physiological performance analysis software.
INSCYD provides coaches & scientists with a holistic & detailed insight into their athletes’ physiology.
It explains how physiological metrics interact and compose an athletic performance.
INSCYD tracks every single metric and projects future performance outcomes.
LEOMO, Inc. is a growing IT startup focused on creating brand new technologies in sports-related motion analysis, working closely with world class scientists, coaches, and athletes in the professional sports arena.
The LEOMO TYPE-R, a wearable motion measurement tool was specifically designed to help competitive endurance athletes, their coaches, and bike fitters to optimize an athlete’s form, technique, and performance. The device was launched last year in the U.S and Japan and now it's open to the public in European market as well.

Endorsing organisations

UCI_only pngThe Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the world governing body for the sport of cycling recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The UCI was founded in Paris in 1900, and its headquarters are now located at the UCI’s World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland.
The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)’s commitment is to lead the development of cycling as a competitive sport and activity in all its forms, across the world.
logo-ffcThe French Cycling Federation
KNWU-partnerThe Royal Dutch Cycling Federation is responsible for the development and support for all the disciplines in the cycling sport.
cycling canadaCycling Canada Cyclisme is a National Sport Organization whose main reason for being is the organization and promotion of cycling in Canada. The activities of the Association are carried out within the constraints of sound business practices with regard to the ethics required of professional staff and to the spirit in which its volunteers function. Guiding Strategies: The development of a strong network of certified coaches and instructors, organizers, officials, events, volunteers and staff
The development of elite athletes
Accessibility to cycling opportunities
National and Regional training centres
A balanced emphasis on all aspects of sport cycling
Financial stability wtih a diverse revenue base
USAC_Seal_Color_webUSA Cycling’s Coaching Education Mission is to Enhance coaches abilities through excellence in education, opportunities, tools, and technology. The purpose of our continuing education program is to support this mission and provide USA Cycling coaches with the most up to date knowledge and skills related to being a cycling coach.
LOGO_SFMES.epsFrench Sports Medicine Association (Société Francais de Médecine de l'exercice et du sport)
VSG logo RGB LRThe Dutch Association of Sports Medicine promotes the discipline, encourages further development of the profession and guards the quality of the profession.
Logo NTBThe Dutch Triathlon Federation represents the interest of the Triathlon Associations in the Netherlands.
mocThe Medicine of Cycling is an annual conference in the USA.
12-14 August 2016, Colorado Springs

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