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A Rhenish town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is the administrative centre of the district of Mettmann, Germany’s most densely populated rural district. The town lies east of Düsseldorf and west of Wuppertal.
It is located in the Neanderthal where in 1956 the famous Neanderthal Man was found. The Neanderthal museum is situated 3.5 km from Mettmann in the valley.


The elegant, life-affirming city on the Rhine stands for fashion, shopping, culture and extraordinary events. From Königsallee – fondly known as the “Kö”, one of Europe’s most luxurious shopping avenues – it’s just a short walk to the historical Altstadt (Old Town) with its 260 bars and restaurants. Its flair is world-famous, its narrow streets are vibrant, and the multifaceted cultural scene produces spectacular events and exhibitions.

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