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Travelling to Belgium gives you several opportunities by plane, train and car.

To Leuven

The national airport of Belgium lies just outside of Brussels. Its railway station is located under the
airport. Train from Brussels Airport to Leuven:
 2 connections per hour/about 15 minutes
 Standard ticket, 2nd class, single and adult fare for € 8.80
 First train at 05:17, last train at 23:52 (on Sat and Sun at 05:39 and 23:51)
(Charleroi Airport)
This small low cost airport is 50 km outside of Brussels, in Charleroi. There are no direct connections to
Leuven, so you have to take the shuttle bus to Brussels first. It takes about an hour and goes two times per
hour. When you miss the last bus, you may still have the chance to share a taxi to Brussels Midi.
Shuttle bus to Brussels Zuid (Midi Station)
-Departures every 20-30 minutes
-Drives 1 hour to Brussels
From Brussels ‘Zuid/Midi’ to Leuven:
 4 trains per hour / about 30 minutes /
 Standard ticket, 2nd class, single and adult fare for € 5.30€
 First train at 04:48, last train at 00:06 (on Sat and Sun at 04:48 and 00:06)
Note that are there different fares for the shuttle to Brussels depending on the booking period. However
the company has a best price guaranty policy and you will not be charged more than 14€ per ride.
Please visit the website to book your ticket, but you can also buy your ticket outside the
airport (follow the blue line) with a standard fare.

Leuven lies very close to Brussels, with many fast direct connections.
National connections: There are many options to get to Leuven from one of Brussels train stations and
therefore we suggest to check the timetable and connection at your departure station.
Please visit the national Belgian railway company on to find out the solution that best fits
your schedule and booking your ticket online.
THALYS: international high speed train between France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Thalys
does not stop in Leuven, but in Brussels ‘Zuid/Midi’ station (with many direct connections to Leuven).
EUROSTAR: international high speed train between the UK, France and Belgium. Does not stop in Leuven,
but in Brussels ‘Zuid/Midi’ station.


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