Below you will find the listing of the presentors/presentations already confirmed. Many more will follow over the coming months.

Abbasi, AliKharazmi UniversityDifferent bicycle Q-factor width change lower extremity kinematic variables associated with the risk of knee overuse injuries
Abbiss, ChrisEdith Cowan UniversityIssues with the quantification of training load within cycling
Barnaby, George
University of BristolSprocket Size Optimisation for Derailleur Racing Bicycles
Activity Log
Barrett, StephenAG2R la Mondiale Pro Cycling TeamThe challenges and required skills for a World Tour Trainer
Blain, GregoryUniversity Côte d'AzurRegulation of fatigue and limitation of performance during cycling: the brain–muscle interaction
Bock de, JelleGhent UniversityLap sector segmentation using discrete fourier transformation and geospatial alignment for inter- and intra-athlete workout file comparison
Boon, NielsBikefitting.comBikefitting: Current Stae-of-art and future trends
Bosse, ChristianNetherlands Olympic Committee (Cycling)Road to Tokyo 2020: The physical preparation of the Dutch Track Cycling Sprint Team
Bougault, ValerieUniversity Côte d'AzurCycling and peak pollution: effects on respiratory health and performance
Brodie, MenachemHuman Vortex TrainingStrength Training for Cycling Success: 3 mistakes that are sapping your results
Burger, RamonaUniversity of KonstanzOn the marginal gains of computed optimal pacing strategies
Activity Log
Caen, KevinGhent UniversityW' following exhaustion: A two-phase exponential recovery affected by aerobic fitness
activity log
Chia-HsiangNat Pingtung University of Science and Technology
The Accuracy of Personal HR-predicted Calorie Output: A Pilot Study
Dobiasch, MartinVienna University Training Characteristics of Athletes in Golden Cheetah Open Data
Activity Log
Filleul, ValentineUniversity Côte d'AzurInterventional studies for promoting prevention of doping in cycling: a systematic review (Poster)
Fonda, BorutabsoluteBlackThe multivariate approach for performance optimisation in professional cycling
Fukuda, MasahiroHamsterspinAnalysis of pedaling motion focusing on the crank angle corresponding to the maximum pedal angle
Gerguri, SphendOxford Brookes UniversityCFD Investigation of the effect of crank geometry and pedalling dynamics on drag
Giorgi, AndreaAndroni Gioccatoli Sidermec Pro Cycling TeamCan regional bioimpedance vector analysis highlights functional asymmetry in the legs of professional cyclists
Green, DanielNTT Pro Cycling
Henderson, NealApex CoachingTask specific Time Trial preparation (working title)
Hettinga, FlorentinaNorthumbria University
Holliday, WendyIntrinsic factors, performance and dynamic kinematics in optimisation of cycling biomechanics.
Hopker, JamesUniversity of Kent
Kholkine, LeonidUniversity Antwerp A Machine Learning approach for In-Race Cycling Performance Prediction
Lamberts, RobertUniversity of Cape TownPredicting and monitoring performance in triathletes
Lemaitre, CedricApeira TechnologiesRepeatability evaluation of cyclist Drag measurement in a wind tunnel
Lemaitre, CedricApeira TechnologiesComparison of a 3D+t based Drag evaluation to wind tunnel technology
Leo, PeterInnsbruck UniversityWorkload characteristics and race performance of U23 and elite cyclists during an UCI 2. Pro multistage race (Tour of the Alps)
Lorang, DanBORA-hansgrohe Professional Cycling TeamWhat Ironman World Champions and TOP5 Grand Tours GC contenders have in common? Physical and mental aspects of world class athletes in different endurance sports
Marcora, SamueleUniversity of Bologna
Michel, FrankVaudeThermal Comfort of Winter Cycling Footwear (Poster)
Millour, GeoffreyUniversity of ReimsOptimisation of hand spacing in submaximal hand cycling: a case study
Nishitani, RyoActivikeAnalysis of relationship between standing posture and riding form using spinal curvature index
Otter, RubyUniversity of Groningen / Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Patton, MikeGarmin International
Périard, JulienUniversity of CanberraTraining and performance in the heat (working title)
Pujol, MariusUniversity LausanneA single field test evaluation for the assessment of the Record Power Profile in cycling
Rodriguez-Samaca, José-PabloUniversidad Pedagógica Nacional
Biomechanics of lower extremities and the bike handlebar reach.
Ronnestad, BrentLillehammer University College
Salbany, Paulo FilipeOxford Rowing / NDorms OxfordWhat can elite cycling learn from elite rowing? (working title)
Salvanelli, GiacomoUniversity MilanRisk factors influencing bicycle theft in Milan (Italy): A spatial analysis
Seiler, StephenUniversity of Agder
Spragg, JamesSpragg Cycle CoachingCan Critical Power be Estimated from Training and Racing Data using Mean Maximal Power Outputs?
Thompson, NathanPeterborough UniversityThe effects of augmented feedback on twenty-five kilometre cycling time trials on trained cyclists
Vermeire, KobeGhent UniversityThe influence of different training load quantification methods on the fitness-fatigue model
Vossel van, KimGhent UniversityMuscle fiber typologies in elite cycling disciplines

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