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On maximizing VAM for a given power output
Slope, cadence, force and gear-ratio considerations
Bos, LenPrivate-not peer reviewdArticle Bos2020, July 6
On modelling bicycle power-meter measurements for
Motion of centre of mass for individual pursuits
Slawinsky, MichaelPrivate-not peer reviewedArticle Danek 2

Article Slawinsky
2020, May 9
On modelling bicycle power-meter measurements: Part I
Estimating effects of air, rolling and drivetrain resistance
Danek, TomaszPrivate-not peer reviewedArticle Danek2020, May 9
On modelling bicycle power-meter measurements: Part II
Relations between rates of change of model quantities
Danek, TomaszPrivate-not peer reviewedArticle Danek 22020, May 9
Cycling Performance in Short-term Efforts: Laboratory and FieldBased Data in XCO AthletesSchneeweiss, PatrickOpen AccessArticle2020, March 27
Understanding Ketones: What does the wonder drink actually do?Witts, jamesOpen AccessArticle2020, February 12
Muscle fiber typology substantially influences time to recover from high-intensity exerciseLievens, ElineSubscriptionArticle2020, January 30
The Validity of Functional Threshold Power and Maximal Oxygen Uptake for Cycling Performance in Moderately Trained CyclistsSorensen, ArneOpen AccessArticle2019, October 1
Eccentric cycling does not improve cycling performance in amateur cyclistsPaulsen, GoranOpen AccessArticle2019, January 2
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation With Halo Sport Enhances Repeated Sprint Cycling and Cognitive PerformanceHuang, LinyangOpen AccessArticle2019, February 14
Potato ingestion is as effective as carbohydrate gels to support prolonged cycling performanceSalvador, AmadeoOpen AccessArticle2019, December 12
Performance Characteristics in BMX Racing:
A Scoping Review
Rylands, LeeOpen AccessArticle2019
Knowledge of and attitudes towards
concussion in cycling: A preliminary study
Hurst, HowardOpen AccessArticle2019
Elite mountain bike enduro competition: a
study of rider hand-arm vibration exposure
Kirkwood, LewisOpen AccessArticle2019
Comparison of anthropometric characteristics
between world tour and professional
continental cyclists
Miller, JoshuaOpen AccessArticle2018
Analysis of falls in different rounds of the
supercross world cup in the netherlands and
Leite, LucianoOpen AccessArticle2018
Riding against the wind: a review of competition cycling aerodynamicsCrouch, TimothyOpen AccessArticle2017, May 4
Acute effects of small changes in crank length on gross efficiency and pedalling technique during submaximal cyclingFerrer-Roca, VenturaOpen Accessarticle2017, April
Heavy strength training improves running and cycling performance following prolonged submaximal work in well‐trained female athletesVikmoen, OlavOpen AccessArticle2017, March 14
Monitoring Athlete Training Loads: Consensus StatementBourdon, PitreOpen AccessArticle2017, December

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