Find below the list of speakers and abstracts from the previous Science & Cycling conferences. For most of the keynotes and special presentations there is no abstract available.

Family NameFirst nameOrganisationTitleTypeYearJournal
AasvoldLorents OlaNorwegian University of Science & TechnologyJoint specific power production in cycling: the effect of cadence and athlete levelOral2017JSC
AbbissChrisEdith Cowan UniversityOptimisation of Pacing within CyclingKeynote2016not available
AbelAlexandreUniversity of Franche ComtéCase study: Psycho-physiological parameters
and pacing strategy associated with a 6 days
6 nights ultra-endurance event on bike
AbelAlexandreUniversity of Franche ComtéPower output and affective load change
during time trial according to environmental
AhrendMarc-DanielUniversity of TübingenPrediction of mountain bike race performance in female cyclistsPoster2015JSC
AhrendMarc-DanielUniversity of TübingenLactate dynamics of mountain bikers in a labaratory performance diagnosticPoster2015JSC
AllenHunterPeaks Coaching GroupBi-lateral Power Measurement: What it means and how to use it
Keynote2018not available
AlmquistNickiLillehammer University CollegeEffect of including 30-s sprints in prolonged endurance exercise on muscular adaptations and gross efficiency in highly trained cyclists
AmorimSamuelPortugese Cycling FederationAssessment of Serum 25 (OH) vitmin D status in elite Portugese Cycling AthletesPoster2015JSC
AndersonRichardUniversity of CambridgeConcussion assessment in cycling: a systematic review and call to actionOral2018JSC
ArutyunyanSuren S-Team6 hours training a week are enough for preparing Ironman amateur athletes. Oral2017JSC
AustinCarolTeam MTN QhubekaCarol Austin
Special2015not available
Aybars BalciGorkemEge UniversityEffects of high intensity continuous and intermittent training strategies used for endurance development on cardio-vascular responses2018JSC
BackhuijsThessaUniversity Medical Center UtrechtAmateur cyclists can complete the full Tour
de France in the same amount of days as
professional cyclists
BarrettStephenAqua Blue Cycling TeamDeveloping riders in a pro continental team (Aqua Blue Cycling Team)
Special2018not available
BauerDougCycling & Osteoporosis: Who, what and why?
Keynote2015not available
BeedieChrisCanterbury Christchurch UniversityDrug-free performance enhancement: Capitalising on cyclists' capacity to respond to placebosKeynote2017not available
Beek, vanJohannesFree University AmsterdamComputer modelling of energy turnover and
body temperatures in elite cyclists during
climbing: steep, steeper, Angliru; cold, colder,
BellenoueSamuelAG2R La Mondiale Pro Cycling TeamChanges of Altitude-Induced Performance Changes in a Top-2 Tour de France CyclistOral2017JSC
BerghoffThomasNADANada Doping Prevention ProgramSpecial2017JSC
BerkemeierQuintColorado Mesa UniversityUphill Cycling: Seated versus Standing Economy and Heart Rate (Poster)Poster2017JSC
BernardJulienUniversity of PoitiersValidation of a new pedal sensor to measure
torque, power and work during pedaling.
BertucciWilliamUniversity of ReimsEvaluation of comfort: Acceleration
transmissibility of different road bikes
BlockenBertTU Eindhoven/KU LeuvenNew Surprises in Cycling Aerodynamics
Keynote2015not available
BossiArthur HenriqueUniversity of KentNo differences in gross efficiency between
dominant and non-dominant legs during onelegged
counterweighted cycling.
BossiArthur henriqueFederal University of Juiz de ForaLaboratory predictors of uphill cycling time
trial performance
BouillodAnthonyFFC - French Cycling FederationInfluence of power output on pedalling biomechanical parameters in cyclists of different competitive levels (Poster)2017JSC
BouillodAnthonySports University BesanconThe head movements degrade the
aerodynamic drag according to the time-trial
BouillodAnthonySports University BesanconThe effect of time-trial duration on
aerodynamic drag
BouillodAnthonySports University BesanconValidity of Track Aero System to assess
aerodynamic drag in professional cyclists
BouillodAnthonySports University BesanconGross efficiency is improved in standing
position with an increase of the power output
BoyaManhalUniversity of EssexDifferences in visual information-seeking
behavior between expert and novice time-trial
BrookeAndyBike Science DerbyRelationship between leg length and trunk
orientation in cycling
BurtPhilBritish Cycling and Team Sky“We need to talk about saddle injuries”Oral2017not available
ChartogneMartinUniversity of ReimsEffect of shoes cleat position on physiological
and biomechanical variables of cycling
CheungStephenBrock UniversityAdapting to training and competing in the heat
Keynote2018not available
Chia-HsiangChenEffect of Different Handlebar Positions on EMG and Peddle Force during Cycling
ChungRobertOut of the Lab: Science on the roadSpecial2016not available
CoakleyS.University of KentIndividualised training duration induces
similar physiological and performance
benefits at different intensities
CordilletSebastienUniversity of Rennes 2Preliminary results: A comparison of specific
imu-based calibrations for cycling vs.
conventional methods.
CostaVitor PereiraSanta Catarina State UniversityReliability and validity of PowerCal power distribution during cycling time trialPoster2015JSC
CostaVitor PereiraSanta Catarina State UniversityFunctional threshold power in cyclists: validity of the concept and physiological responsesOral2017JSC
CostaVitor pereiraSanta Catarina State UniversityThe effects of block training periodization on
pacing during 20-km cycling time trial
CramblettCurtisRevolution in FitnessFixed!: The 4 steps to comprehensive rehabilitation
Keynote2018not available
CramblettCurtisRevolution in FitnessUnpacking Lower Extremity Cycling Disorders: Moving from a practitioner to the wellness team and from the knee to an integrated bodyKeynote2016not available
Cutsem, vanJeroenFree University BrusselsThe impact of mental fatigue on a preloaded
cycling-time trial in the heat
CzajkowskiM.Sports University BesanconValidity and reproducibility of the Powertap
P1 power meter when compared with SRM device
DaanenHeinFree University AmsterdamPreparation for Performance in the Heat; Heat acclimation, -decay and reinduction. Keynote2017not available
DaanenHeinTNOHeat Balance in Mountain Cycling & The Effects of Acclimatisation
Keynote2015not available
DauweCharlesGhent UniversityAnalysis of mean maximal power in cycling with a modified critical power model allowing for non-constant anaerobic work capacityOral2015JSC
DauweCharlesRetired Professor University GhentA Critical ConfusionSpecial2018JSC
DavenneDamienUniversity of CaenBiological circadian fluctuations and cycling performancesKeynote2016not available
DecroixLieselotVU BrusselsAcute cocoa flavanol intake affects
antioxidative capacity and mediates the nopathway
in well trained athletes: Implications
for exercise performance
DecroixLieselotVU BrusselsNutritional Supplements and the Brain
Keynote2018not available
DedieuPhilippeCroix Rouge FrancaiseEffects of seat height on muscular pattern
and interlimb coordination in cycling
DelahaijeLouisNTB / Lotto Jumbo Cycling TeamWomen's cycling: the olympic year of a world class riderKeynote2017not available
DelahaijeLouisLotto Jumbo Pro CyclingLotto Jumbo Pro Cycling working towards the Tour de France - Louis Delahaije
Special2015not available
DisleyXavierIntegrative Aerodynamics and BiomechanicsKeynote2016not available
DobiaschMartinUniversity of ViennaOVEX – An expert system for the detection of overreaching2017JSC
DobiaschMartinUniversity of ViennaGuiding athletes through heartrate and power based tasksOral2018JSC
DomalainMathieuUniversity of PoitiersBike fitting: finding an optimum between
performance and overuse injuries
prevention? Influence of saddle fore-aft
position on pedalling effectiveness
DomalainMathieuUniversity of PoitiersBike fitting: finding an optimum between
performance and overuse injuries
prevention? Influence of saddle fore-aft
position on knee joint forces
DorelSylvainUniversity of NantesOptimizing muscle coordination and pedaling technique" what does it mean and is it really beneficial for performance? 
Keynote2018not available
DucSebastienUniversity of ReimsVibration exposure on cobbles sectors during
EdgarAndrewThe Science of Cycling & The Philosophy of Technology
Keynote2015not available
EisenbachOliverSolestarImpact of cycling insoles on body statics and performanceOral2017not available
FaissRaphaelUniversity of Lausanne
University of Kent
A performance passport in cycling: facts and fancyOral2017JSC
Farias de OliveiraLuanaUniversity of Sao PauloPhysiological characteristics of competitive
Brazilian cyclists
FaulknerSteveNottingham Trent UniversityIdentification of the threshold ambient temperature above which pre-cooling has a performance benefit for time trials in the heatOral2018JSC
FennenLenaUniversity of GreenwichRelation between Critical Power and Functional Threshold Power Oral2017JSC
FondaBorutCycling ScienceThe medial-lateral pedal force component during cycling: link to effectiveness and kinematicsKeynote2016not available
FosterCarlIt's a Long, Long way to ……… Paris: The Role of Pacing in Tour Cycling
Keynote2015not available
FredaDevinColorado Mesa UniversityBone Quality in Weight and Non-Weight Bearing Sports in Male Collegiate Athletes (Poster)Poster2017JSC
FrémeauxMaxim Sports University BesanconAccuracy and reproducibility of the new CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Trainer2017JSC
FukudaMasahiroConnection between Heel Motion and Torque in crank revolutionOral2018JSC
GabrysTomaszUniversity Jan Dlugosz CzestochowaTreadmill cycling trial in diagnostics endurance preparation of MTB cyclists before Olympic Games or World ChampionshipsPoster2015JSC
GabrysTomasz University Jan DlugoszResults of intensity variable effort on condition of Polish National Team cross country MTB cyclistsOral2017JSC
GalletValentinKronos AnalyticsMachine learning and physical modelling: optimizing the performance and strategy for time trialsOral2018JSC
GarnysMichal 4SportLabProgramming training loads MTB cyclists during first 7-days of the stay in conditions of high-altitude hypoxiaOral2017JSC
GiorgiAndreaTeam Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec Power distribution, performance changes and bioelectrical impedance properties during the preparation period of professional cyclistsOral2017JSC
GiorgiAndreaTeam Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec Qualitative body composition of cyclists:
bioimpedance vector analysis discriminates
different categories of cyclists
GiorgiHeddaUniversity of QueenslandInternal Mechanical Power During Cycling
Using Non-Circular Versus Circular
GiorgiAndreaAndroni Gioccatoli Pro Cycling Team
External training load, performance markers and body composition of professional road cyclists with-in competitive seasonOral2018JSC
GlaskinMaxCycling journalistSelling Science in Cycling to the media – The terrible truthSpecial2016not available
GonzalezBRUniversity of Franche ComtéTorso and facial/head pre-cooling and
anaerobic cycling performance in a hot and
humid environment
Gonzalez-TablasAlejandro UCI World Cycling CentreWCC-PPT Protocol: Talent Identification References Male-Endurance Cyclists per Continent (2013-2016) (Poster)Oral2017JSC
Gonzalez-TablasAlejandroUCI World Cycling CentreDesigning a Cost-Effective Power Profile Test
for Talent Identification Programs
GosensWillemFontys University of Applied SciencesReliability of Time –Trial versus Time-toExhaustion
Cycle Tests in healthy untrained
GranierCyrilFederation Francaise du CyclismePower and force-velocity relationships during international olympic cross-country mountain bike competitions
GrappeFredericEquipe Cycliste FDJPositive-negative response model of exercise on performance
Keynote2016not available
GrappeFredericEquipe Cycliste FDJKeynote2015not available
GreenDaniel BMC Racing TeamA Different Approach to Optimising PerformanceOral2017JSC
GreenDanielBMC Racing TeamTraining and racing in the World Tour
Keynote2018not available
GreenDanielTrek Factory RacingNovel methodology to individualise the quantification of cycling load based on physical capabilitiesSpecial2016
GreveMarkCompetitive Cycling Injury Dynamics, Patterns and InterventionsSpecial2016not available
GroslambertAlainUniversity Franche-ComtéWhat cycling can learn from other sports
Special2018not available
GuercilenaLucaTrek Factory RacingThe Importance of Research & Science for Professional Cycling Teams
Keynote2015not available
HaenenHarrieMaastricht UniversitySeparating muscular and non-muscular
forces at the pedal
HalsonShona Australian Institute of SportThe role of Sleep in Elite Athletes PerformanceKeynote2017not available
HalsonShona Australian Institute of SportRider Health Monitoring and Prevention of Overtraining
HaudumJudithNutritional Approach in relation to sleep and travel, a team approachSpecial2016not available
HeijboerMathieuTeam Lotto JumboPedaling Patterns of Professional Cyclists
during a Grand Tour
HeimansLeviFree University AmsterdamThe effect of aerodynamic characteristics on
the drafting effect in track cycling
HelmantelAdriaanTeam Giant AlpecinDeveloping Young Talent: From a Continental Team to a ProTour Team
Special2015not available
HoekstraSvenUniversity of GroningenThe effects of 4 months handbike training
under free-living conditions on physical
fitness and health outcomes
HolgadoDariasUniversity of GranadaNull effects of tDCS over the Left Prefrontal Cortex on Self-paced Exercise and EEGOral2018JSC
HollidayWendyUniversity of Cape TownKinematics, muscle recruitment patterns and pressure mapping in cycling biomechanics - Recent research findings and practical outcomes.Oral2018JSC
Hoof, vanWannesUniversity of LeuvenLow back pain in cycling: does it matter how
you sit?
HopkerJamesUniversity of KentModelling of cycling power data and its
application for anti-doping
HopkerJamesUniversity of KentUsing retrospective analysis of race results to
determine success in elite cycling
HösliJörg ERPSE Institut und Schule für ErnährungsdiagnostikCaliper measurement as a simple and useful tool for performance diagnosticsKeynote2017
HovorkaMatthiasUniversity of Applied Sciences Vienna NeustadtEffects of flat and uphill cycling on the power duration relationshipOral2018
HurstHowardUniversity of Central LancashireThe Magnitude of Translational and Rotational Head Accelerations Experienced by Riders During Downhill Mountain BikingOral2018JSC
HyndJason Leeds Beckett UniversitySaddle tilt during uphill cycling improves perceived comfort levels, with corresponding effects on saddle pressure in highly trained cyclistsOral2017JSC
HyndJasonTeesside UniversityRehabilitation of a tibial plateau fracture
within an elite female mountainbiker. A case
IngramLesleyEdinburg Napier UniversityAcute sleep disruption: does it limit
performance but heighten immunity?
JarichBraeckeveltBioracer MotionData Driven Bike FittingOral2018JSC
Javaloyes TorresAlejandroMiguel Hernandez UniversityTraining Prescription guided by HRV in cyclingOral2018JSC
JeukendrupAskerNutritional Challenges & Solutions in the Tour de France; The Gut as a Critical Organic Organ
Keynote2015not available
JonesHollie University of Central LancashireAccuracy of Pacing Strategy Predictions in Ride-Alone and Competitive Cycling Time Trials (Poster)Oral2017JSC
JongeriusNilsLeeds Beckett UniversityDifferences in Strength & Power profiles between Road and Time Trial cyclistsPoster2018JSC
KarstenBettinaUniversity of GreenwichModelling of critical power from road dataOral2014JSC
KirkwoodLewisEdinburgh Napier UniversityPhysiological characteristics of elite vs nonelite
enduro mountain bike cyclists
KitawakiTomokiKaisan medical UniversityA pedaling force vector can be represented by the sum of three elemental force vector waveforms.2018JSC
KnightMatthewUCIDeveloping a Scientific Framework for Cycling Teams
Keynote2015not available
KolsungErikNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Physiological response to cycling with variable versus constant power output
Koning, deJosFree University AmsterdamAn investigation of the underlying
mechanisms of overtraining in a natural
experimental model
KraaijenbrinkCassandra Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Effects of gear, imposed resistance and crank mode on the mechanical efficiency and physiological parameters during sub-maximal handcycling in healthy men Oral2017JSC
KrausLottegebioMizedEvaluating the central pressure point to
determine the optimal saddle setback
KrausLottegeBiomizedFemale Specific Movement Pattern in Cycling AnalysisSpecial2016not available
KraussInga University Hospital TübingenEffectiveness of two training interventions with different intensities on laboratory parameters and race performance in competitive young XCO athletes: A randomized controlled trial.Oral2017JSC
LambertsRobertStellenbosch UniversitySymptoms of functional overreaching; practical implications to optimize training prescriptionkeynote2017not available
LambertsRobertStellenbosch UniversityShort term parasympathetic reactivation after
the LSCT: a practical tool to predict and
monitor cycling performance
LaneAndrewUsing emotions to generate energyKeynote2016not available
LatasaIbanUniversity of NavarraNeuromuscular, metabolic and ventilatory
fatigue threshold from an incremental cycling
test using 1-min exercise periods
LaursenPaulHigh Performance New ZealandHigh-intensity interval training: solutions to the programming puzzleKeynote2016not available
LemaitreCedricApeira TechnologiesToward a robust and inexpensive method to assess the aerodynamic drag of cyclistsOral2017JSC
LemaitreCedricApeira TechnologiesFirst evaluation of an automated system for cyclist’s aerodynamic drag assessmentOral2018JSC
LemaitreGuillaumeFrench National Institute for computer science and applied mathematicsEstimate Power without Measuring it: a Machine Learning ApplicationOral2018JSC
LeoPeterUniversity of Applied Sciences Vienna NeustadtMuscle deoxygenation kinetics in cycling time trialOral2018JSC
LevelsKoenFree University AmsterdamThe effect of deceptive information about
receiving cooling on pacing pattern during a
20-km cycling time trial in the heat
Li-CheYenNational Taiwan UniversityThe Effect of Different Cadence and Gear Ratio on Pedal force and Riding Stability
Lillo-BeviaJosé RamonValidity and Reliability of the Powertap P1 Pedals Power Meter
LimaPedroFederal University de Juiz de ForaReliability of cycling performance during field-based uphill time-trials2017pending
LloydRichard The Royal Victoria HospitalThe changing face of serious bicycle injuries from a UK Regional Trauma Centre; 2000 – 2016Oral2017JSC
Loon, vanLucUniversity of MaastrichtNutrition and Muscle ReconditioningKeynote2016not available
LorangDanTeam Bora-Hans GroheWhat changed ? - How Team BORA-hansgrohe evaluates & monitors physiological responses to training and racing periods
Keynote2018not available
LugoHeinzLoughborough UniveristyEffect of feedback on cycling performance in
a 4‐kilometres laboratory time trial
LugoHeinzLoughborough UniversityThe Effects of Varied Terrain and Bicycle
Fitting on Aerobic Power Production: Test
MaliziaFabioUniversity leuvenThe influence of the rim depth to the aerodynamic performances of a wheel: a numerical studyOral2017JSC
MaliziaFabioUniversity leuvenNumerical simulations of cross wind effects
on cyclist aerodynamic resistance
MansfieldNeilNottingham Trent UniversityAutonomous vehicles’ interactions with cyclists: opportunities and threats Oral2017JSC
MartinJimUniversity of UtahSprinting for Win: Insights from Supply and Demand ModelingKeynote2017not available
MartinJimUniversity of UtahMyth and Science in Cycling
Keynote2017not available
Martin SantanaEsperanzaUCI World Cycling CentreInside the World Cycling Centre: Models of Talent Identification and Development & Coaches FormationPoster2018JSC
MartinelliLauraLecturer Sports Nutrition / 2016 IAM Cycling TeamDietary fiber modulation in cycling: a new ergogenic strategy?Oral2017
MartinsGabriel BaltazarEuropean University MadridThe effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse on physical performance during a 24.5 km cycling time trialOral2018JSC
MeeusenRomainVU BrusselThe Brain and Performance - It is all NeurochemistryKeynote2016not available
MertensPieterBioracer MotionA new Approach to Bikefitting: presenting bilateral motion analysis data to gain insight in the ideal bike fit
Special2015not available
MeyersAmosAugusta UniversityPositioning of Elliptical Chainrings During
Wingate Testing; A Repeated Measures
Case Study
MeyersAmosUniversity of MiamiBicycle shoe insoles and their effect on lateral knee movement, leg muscle activation patterns and performance in experienced cyclistsPoster2015JSC
MicklewrightDominicUniversity of EssexHuman Perception and Cycling: Effort, Fatigue and Performance
Keynote2018not available
MicklewrightDominicUniversity of EssexStick, Twist or Bust? Prospection, Risk-Perception & Decision-Making in Cycling
Keynote2015not available
MillourGeoffreyUniversity of RennesPreliminary study: the effect of biomechanical
foot orthotics in bilateral pedalling asymmetry
in three cyclists affected by an anatomic
MillourGeoffreyUniversity of Rennes 2Effects of cycling shoe cleat position in performance and physiological variables during cycling and subsequent running in simulated Olympic distance triathlonOral2018JSC
MostaertMireilleUniversity of GhentAnthropometry, physical fitness, and coordination in young cyclists of different disciplines
MoussaySebastienBodycapAnalyse of core temperature responses during a maximal final climb: the contribution of new technologiesSpecial2016not available
MujikaInigoDetraining, or the Physiological and Performance Consequences of Training Cessation
Keynote2015not available
MuzicJesseUniversity Franche ComtéO2score device: analysis of the kinetics of
recovery after exercise
NicholsDavidAspetarCore Temperature Data from the World Campionships 2016 (working title)
NicholsDavidAspetarThresholds in ventilation, cerebral and
muscle oxygenation, and muscle activity
during incremental cycling exercise
NimmerichterAlfredUniversity of Applied Sciences Vienna NeustadtMuscle deoxygenation during moderate- and severe-intensity cycling in youth elite-cyclistsOral2018JSC
O'GradyCiaranUniversity of KentIndividualising training intensity to reduce
inter-individual variability in training response
in trained cyclists
O'GradyCiaranUniversity of KentChanges in whole body and local muscle
oxygen consumption during prolonged cycling
OttenBertCenter Human Movement StudiesSimulating track cycling in an Olympic eventKeynote2017not available
OuvrardTheoSports University BesanconExposure Variation Analysis (EVA) method to monitor ability to optimally regulate exercise intensity of professional cyclists during official time-trial competitionsOral2017JSC
OuvrardTheoSports University BesanconCyclo-cross performance and physiological/psychological parametersPoster2015JSC
OuvrardTheoSports University BesanconShort and Long Individual Time-Trials Involve
Intermittent Exercise Intensity Regulation
OuvrardTheoSports University BesanconThe new Exposure Variation Analysis (EVA) method to compare pacing strategy and performance during professional time-trial competitionsOral2018JSC
PassfieldLouisUniversity of KentComparing time-trial and time to exhaustion
PennemansValerieBioracer AeroSpeed for free - Aerodynamics in bike fittingOral2017not available
PinotJulienFDJ Pro Cycling TeamComparison of power output demands for a
top-10 ranking between Tour de France and
Vuelta a España
QuodMarcOrica-Greendedge pro Cycling TeamApplication of Sport Science at Orica-GreenEdge Cycling TeamKeynote2016not available
RacinaisSebastienAspetarHeat acclimation and countermeasures for optimal performanceSpecial2016not available
ReederMichaelColorado Mesa UniversityExercise Physiology, Nutrition and Biomechanical Knowledge of Collegiate Cyclists (Poster)Poster2017JSC
RobinMaximeUniversity of NantesMuscle-tendon behaviour during sprint in road cyclists: effect of the force-velocity conditionOral2018JSC
RonnestadBentLillehammer University CollegeThe role of strength training on cycling performance for male and female cyclistsKeynote2017not available
RonnestadBentLillehammer University CollegeAdding vibration to high-intensity intervals increase time at high oxygen uptake in well-trained cyclists
RotunnoAdrianoTeam Dimension DataHow do you monitor health in riders in preparation and during a Grand Tour?
Keynote2018not available
SachetIrisUniversity of NantesRelation between maximal power in sprint cycling, pedal force orientation and strength of the lower limb muscles in elite sprint cyclistsOral2018JSC
SandersDajoNewman UniversityLoad ratios during a cycling Grand Tour: detecting fatigue?Oral2017JSC
SandersDajoNewman UniversityMethods of monitoring training load in welltrained
competitive cyclists: the doseresponse
relationship with changes in fitness
and performance
SaundersBryanUniversity of Sao PauloCaffeine supplementation improves simulated
16 km cycling time-trial performance without
altering pacing strategy
ScarfP.University of SalfordOptimisation of cycling training2014JSC
SchadeDanielgebioMizedAerodynamic and position stability optimization in time trial - world tour case studies in preparation of season 2017Oral2017not available
SchadeDanielgebioMizedA New Approach to Measure Position
Stability on the Bike in Time Trial
Performance – A Pilot Study
SchollerVictorUniversity of ReimsEffect of Mountain Bike Spirgrips® on Transmissibility of Mechanical Vibrations, Perceived Comfort, Muscular Activity and Hand Grip ForceOral2018JSC
SciacchitanoAndreaDelft University of TechnologyA quantitative flow visualization technique for
on-site sport aerodynamics optimization
SharmaA.University of AdelaideDifferences in power output between national
and club level cyclists during a new variable
power cycling test
SilvaRenatoEuro American University CenterHyperthermia don't affect hydric status of acclimatized cyclists on the self-pace submaximal exercise (Poster)2017JSC
SkoverengKnutNorwegian University of Science & technologyJoint specific power is not affected by changes in hand position in recreational and elite cyclists2017JSC
SkoverengKnutNorwegian University of Science & TechnologyThe effect of time trial position on physiological variables in elite cycling
SmitAlbertIndependent ResearcherPower-velocity curve: relevance of the SRM
Ergometer for simulated cycling performance
and constant duration tests
SmitAlbertNOC-NSFThe effects of different strength training
regimes on cycling performance
SparksAndyEdge Hill UniversityPre-exercise optimisation of the alkalosis response to sodium bicarbonate ingestion: have we been missing its peak ergogenic effect?Oral2018JSC
StanleyRobUniversity of ChesterLow Cadence, High Resistance Creates More
Muscle Breakdown than High Cadence, Low
Resistance in Well Trained Cyclists during
High Intensity Interval Training
StanleyRobertLeeds Beckett UniversityPredicting a Power-Duration Curve in Elite Endurance Track Cyclists.Oral2018JSC
SwartJeroenUniversity of Cape TownAn analysis of intrinsic factors, performance,
comfort and economy in relation to static and
dynamic whole body kinematics in
recreational and elite cyclists
SwartJeroenUniversity of Cape TownLaboratory performance testing: Validity, reliability and practical relevance, including interesting data from a multiple Tour winner
Keynote2018not available
TamuraYusukeChuo UniversityEstimation of Handgrip Position Based on
Force Measurement During Steady Pedaling
TaylorDanielUniversity of LincolnEffect of deceptively aggressive bike pacing
on sprint-distance triathlon performance
TownsendNathanAspetarModeling intermittent cycling performance in
hypoxia using the critical power concept
TriskaChristophUniversity of ViennaReliability of W´ using time-trials under laboratory conditions2017JSC
VaeckJasperSports University BesanconAccuracy of the new Elite Drivo ergometer (Poster)2017JSC
ValadeA.LAAS-CNRSWearable multi-sensor system for embedded
body position and motion analysis during
VenhorstAndreasUniversity of CapetownThe process of losing – investigating the psychophysiological determinants of pacing and performance during head-to-head competitionOral2017JSC
VilleriusVincentCofidis Pro Cycling TeamFactors affecting road cycling sprint power dataSpecial2017not available
VisentiniPaulLatrobe UniversityThe Body & the Bike: A Kinetic Chain
analysis of Cycling Overuse Injury
VisentiniPaulLatrobe UniversitySystematic Review of Overuse InjurySpecial2016not available
VroemenGuidoRoompot Pro Conti Cycling TeamThe use of power data in the Roompot Pro/Continental Cycling team and in Elite Pro Ironman triathletes
Special2015not available
WeberSebastianTrue PerformanceThe metabolic origin of power – monitoring aerobic & anaerobic capacity in professional cyclistsKeynote2017not available
WeberSebastianCannondale Drapac Cycling TeamModelling the energy metabolism of best
performances in professional cycling
WeberSebastianHigh performance ConsultantMetabolic responses in high intensity interval training in elite cyclists – same training different stimulus?!
Keynote2018not available
WegerifSimonMyIthleteThe use of Heart Rate Variability to optimise acute and chronic training loads and recovery in recreational and elite cyclistsOral2018JSC
WestbrooksJohnCentral Washington UniversityDeceptively-Altered Visual Feedback Alters 4km Cycling Time Trial Pacing Strategy in Trained Cyclists (Poster)Poster2017JSC
WolfStefanUniversity of KonstanzKnowing your slope on the track: Getting the most out of GPS and power dataOral2017JSC
WolfStefanUniversity of KonstanzOptimal Cycling Strategies for two
Cooperating Riders
WolfStefanUniversity of KonstanzModeling in Road Cycling for Optimal Pacing Strategies: Theory vs. PracticeOral2018JSC
WoolesAndreaCycling CanadaResearch and Innovation in Sport on a Budget: The MacGyver ApproachOral2018JSC
WrightJamesSouthampton Solent UniveristyThe reliability and validity of the 3-minute
critical power test in linear and isokinetic
ZabalaMikelCycling Research Center / team MovistarHow to win an olympic medal in mountainbike: the case of Carlos Coloma
Special2017not available
ZabalaMikelTeam MovistarKey variables to control the training process in cycling
Keynote2018not available
ZadowEmmaUniversity of TasmaniaValidity of the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer
and Reliability of a 4 km Cycle Time Trial
ZignoliAndreaUniversity of VeronaAn optimal control approach to the high
intensity interval training design