Below you find the first version of the preliminary program. We are still busy composing some sessions which can result in some changes in the program. Full list of confirmed presentations can be found under tab “confirmed presentations”

Wednesday 28 June Morning – Theatre

 Moderator: Robert LambertsWelcome & Forum
09:10ForumThe role of science within the teams
Scott Drawer (Team Sky)Head Performance Hub Project
Louis Delahaije (Team Lotto Jumbo)Trainer
David Bailey (BMC Racing Team)Head of Performance
10:30Coffee Break
Chairman: Sebastian Weber
10:50Mikel ZabalaHow to win an Olympic Medal in mountainbike: The case of Carlos Coloma
11.20Louis DelahaijeWomen's cycling: the olympic year of a world class rider
11:50Daniel GreenA Different Approach to Optimising Performance
12:20Lunch Break
13:20Poster PresentationsExhibition visit

Wednesday 28 June Afternoon – Theatre
Session1Chairman: Hein Daanen
13:40Jim Martin
Sprinting for Win: Insights from Supply and Demand Modeling
14:10Vincent Villerius
Louis Passfield
Factors affecting road cycling sprint power data
14:40Sebastian Weber
The metabolic origin of power – monitoring aerobic & anaerobic capacity in professional cyclists
15:10Shona HalsonThe role of Sleep in Elite Athletes Performance
15:40Dajo SandersLoad ratios during a cycling Grand Tour: detecting fatigue?
16:00Coffee Break
Session2Chairman: .....
16:20Chris BeedieDrug-free performance enhancement: Capitalising on cyclists' capacity to respond to placebos
16:50Andreas Venhorst
The process of losing - investigating psychophysiological determinants of pacing & performance during head-to-head competition
SymposiumDoping Prevention & Rider HealthChairman:
17:20Rafael Faiss
A performance passport in cycling: facts and fancy
17:40Thomas BerghoffNada Doping Prevention Program
18:00Shona HalsonRider Health Monitoring and Prevention of Overtraining
19:30Conference EveningLocation to be confirmed

Wednesday 28 June Afternoon – Arena
15:20Laura Martinelli
Dietary fiber modulation in cycling: a new ergogenic strategy?
15:40Jörg HösliCaliper measurement as a simple and useful tool for performance diagnostics
16:00Coffee Break
Session4Chairman: Christian Manunzio
16:20Pedro LimaReliability of cycling performance during field-based uphill time-trials
16:40Lorents Ola AasvoldJoint specific power production in cycling: the effect of cadence and athlete level
17:00Cassandra KraaijenbrinkEffects of gear, imposed resistance & crank mode on mechanical efficiency & physiological parameters during sub-maximal handcycling
17:20Knut Skovereng
Joint specific power is not affected by changes in hand position in recreational and elite cyclists
17:40Fabio MaliziaThe influence of the rim depth to the aerodynamic performances of a wheel: a numerical study
19.30Conference EveningLocation to be confirmed

Thursday 29 June Morning – Theatre
Session5Chairman: Neil Mansfield
09:00Hein Daanen
Preparation for Performance in the Heat
09:30David NicholsCore Temperature Data from the World Campionships 2016 (working title)
09:50Samuel BellenoueChanges of Altitude-Induced Performance Changes in a Top-2 Tour de France Cyclist
10:10Michal GarnysProgramming Training Loads in MTB Cyclists during first 7 days of staying in high altidude conditions
10:30Coffee Break
Session6Chairman: Simon Wegerif
10:50Bent RonnestadThe role of strength training on cycling performance for male and female cyclists
11:20Theo Ouvrard
EVA method to monitor ability to optimally regulate exercise intensity of professional cyclists during official TT competitions
11:40Vitor Pereira Costa
Functional threshold power in cyclists: validity of the concept and physiological responses

12:00Jim MartinMyth and Science in Cycling
12.20Lunch Break
13:20Poster PresentationsExhibition Visit

Thursday 29 June Morning – Arena
Session7Chairman: Christoph Triska
09:30Tomasz GabrysResults of intensity variable effort on condition of Polish National Team cross country MTB cyclists
09:50Lena Fennen
Relation between Critical Power and Functional Threshold Power
10:10Maxim Frëmeaux
Validity and reproducability of the new CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Trainer
10:30Coffee Break
Session8Chairman: Phil Burt
10:50Valerie PennemansSpeed for free - Aerodynamics in bike fitting
11:10Cedric Lemaitre
Toward a robust and inexpensive method to assess the aerodynamic drag of cyclists
11:30Daniel SchadeAerodynamic and position stability optimization in time trial - world tour case studies in preparation of season 2017
12:20Lunch Break
13:20Poster PresentationsExhibition Visit

Thursday 29 June Afternoon – Theatre
Session9Chairman: Robert Lamberts
13:40Bert OttenSimulating track cycling in an Olympic event
14:10Stefan WolfKnowing your slope on the track: Getting the most out of GPS and power data
14:30Christoph Triska
Reliability of WÂ using time-trials under laboratory conditions
14:50Richard LloydThe changing face of serious bicycle injuries from a UK Regional Trauma Centre
15.10Neil MansfieldAutonomous vehicles in the pro peloton: opportunities and threats
15:30Coffee Break
Session10Chairman: Vitor Pereira Costa
15:50Robert Lamberts
Symptoms of functional overreaching - practical implications to optimize training prescription
16:20Martin DobiaschOVEX - An expert system for the detection of overreaching

16:40Andrea Giorgi
Power distribution, performance changes & bioelectrical impedance properties during preparation period of professional cyclists
17:00Inga Krauss
Effectiveness of two training interventions with different intensities on laboratory parameters and race performance
17:20Suren Arutyunyan6 hours training a week are unough for preparing Ironman amateur athletes
17:40Conference End

Thursday 29 June Afternoon – Arena
Session11Chairman: Curtis Cramblett
14:10Phil Burt"We need to talk about saddle injuries"
14:40Jason HyndSaddle tilt during uphill cycling improves perceived comfort levels, corresponding effects on saddle pressure in highly trained cyclists
15:00Oliver EisenbachImpact of cycling insoles on body statics and performance
15:30Coffee Break
Session12Chairman: ...
15:50Oliver EisenbachThe impact of cycling insoles (demonstration)
16:20Daniel SchadeContact point biomechanics (demonstration)
16:50Borut FondaPedal force measurement & optimisation
17:00Valerie Pennemans3d motion analysis (all day demonstrations)
17:30Conference End

Thursday 29 June Science to practice
Bioracer MotionMasterclass Room
SolestarExhibtion area
gebioMizedExhibition area
Cycling ScienceExhibtion area