Thermal Balance in Cycling

Unfortunately we have to cancel this masterclass due to lack of interest.

Masterclass Thermal Balance during Cycling in Heat and Cold

A masterclass on location in a climate chamber using actual data.

By Prof. Dr. H.A.M. Daanen, Dr. K. Levels

Description and Benefits:
The participants will receive an Excel spreadsheet with the essential heat balance calculations.  Two volunteers will cycle 1,5 W / kg body weight in the heat (35°C, 40% Relative Humidity) and two volunteers in the cold (10°C) in sports gear; one of which will cycle in a wind tunnel. The following measurements will be performed: metabolism (in the hot climatic chamber using indirect calorimetry), external power, rectal temperature, skin temperature, heart rate, sweat loss, thermal comfort, thermal sensation, rating of perceived exertion. The heat balance will be calculated for each volunteer  and discussed in the group.

Please bring your own cycle equipment and normal sport shoes. Participation for healthy subjects only and at own risk. Please note that a rectal probe has to be inserted by the volunteer for core temperature assessment. Good showers are available!

Location: TNO, Kampweg 5, Soesterberg, The Netherlands (about 12 km from Utrecht)

The masterclass will be given two times, please select your preference for morning or afternoon. Minimum number of participants per session: 10, Maximum: 14

Date: Friday July 3, 2015

Registration information

Early Bird Fee: 145 Euro (including VAT)
Time: 3 hours (excluding lunch time)
Coffee and Tea included
Lunch at own cost in low-cost restaurant at TNO premises

Please provide name, address at least 3 weeks in advance. Participation is only possible when security clearance is given by the authorities.

Please indicate if you want to participate as a cyclist or as an observer/datarecorder.

Program Morning Masterclass

9:00 Reception at TNO and introduction in thermal physiology
9:30 Preparation for the measurements
10:00 Start measurements in climatic chamber
11:00 End of measurement
11:15 Discussion of the results
12:00 End of meeting – possibility to have lunch in TNO restaurant
Program Afternoon Masterclass
12:00 Possibility to have lunch in TNO restaurant
13:00 Reception at TNO and introduction in thermal physiology
13:30 Preparation for the measurements
14:00 Start measurements in climatic chamber
15:00 End of measurement
15:15 Discussion of the results
16:00 End of meeting