Phenotype based training – muscular adaptation to training in relation to rider types

On 25 June 2024 a masterclass will be given by Sebastian Weber
Location: Learning Center Morgagni Florence

Time 09.00-17.00


Join us for a cutting-edge masterclass designed specifically for cycling coaches and physiologists, delving into the core of muscular adaptation to cycling training across different athlete types. Muscular adaptation to improve cycling performance is not left to chance; it follows precise biological mechanisms. In this course, you will learn these mechanisms, empowering you to create optimized training programs. If you’re debating between sweetspot, Zone 2, or high-intensity interval training, this seminar is your definitive guide. Our comprehensive program includes:
1. Defining Athlete Phenotypes: Explore athlete types primarily based on muscle fiber composition.
2. Physiological Differences: Understand the inherent physiological traits of each athlete type and how these traits inform what training is most effective.
3. Cellular Adaptation to Endurance Training: Discover how muscles adapt at the cellular level and learn why the training program that worked great in the past might not work that great anymore today or in the future.
4. Training Stimulus Responses: Learn how different muscle fibers react to various training stimuli.
5. Fiber Type Transition: Examine how training can induce changes in muscle fiber types and athlete phenotype.
6. Aerobic Capacity Enhancement: Focus on increasing mitochondrial mass and O2 turnover rates to boost VO2max.
7. Glycolytic System Adaptations: Strategies to train for increasing or decreasing VLamax, the glycolytic energy system marker.
This masterclass offers in-depth insights and practical knowledge to help you refine your training philosophy and optimize performance based on athlete-specific adaptations.