Public transportation system

The Public Transport Chip Card (OV-chipkaart)

To take buses and trams in the Netherlands, you will require a Public Transport chip card (OV-chipkaart). (You can also use this card on the train, but it is still possible to buy disposable railway tickets).

You can buy one-day travel cards for bus travel within Utrecht. Cards can be purchased at the travel service desk in the main hall of Utrecht Central Station.
Prices: 1 Day 6 euro/2 days 8 euro/3 days 10 euro/4 days 12 euro/5 days 13,50 euro.

It is also possible to buy an anonymous or disposable card at a counter of public transport companies, the vending machine at the station, tabacco and convenience stores or supermarkets. The anonymous Public Transport chip card is a plastic card on which an amount or a travel product can been loaded. The card costs 7,50 euros.

A disposable card is for one trip or for a predetermined short-term use. For example, a one-day train or bus ticket or a three-day ticket for all public transport within the city of Amsterdam.

You can use your card to check in and out at the smart card readers. The smart card readers are located at the doors of a bus or tram. Gates are used in many train stations to limit access. The smart card reader is located on the right column of the gate. Train stations without gates have separate smart card readers.

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