Confirmed Keynotes Speeches

The use of the Record Power Profile for Training Optimisation
Frédéric Grappe

It’s a Long, Long Way to……..Paris: The Role of Pacing in Tour Cycling
Carl Foster<

Predicting and Monitoring Cycling Performance to Optimize Training Prescription
Robert Lamberts

Heat Balance in Mountain Cycling & the Effects of Acclimatisation
Hein Daanen

Lotto-Jumbo Pro Cycling working towards the Tour de France
Louis Delahaije

New Surprises in Cycling Aerodynamics
Bert Blocken

Detraining, or the Physiological and Performance Consequences of Training Cessation
Iñigo Mujika

Cycling and Osteoporosis; Who, What and Why?
Doug Bauer

Nutritional challenges and solutions in the Tour de France:
The Gut as a Critical Athletic Organ
Asker Jeukendrup

Stick, Twist or Bust? Prospection, Risk-Perception and Decision-Making in Cycling
Dominic Micklewright

The Science of Cycling and the Philosophy of Technology
Andrew Edgar

Special Presentation

Human Power Team will give a presentation around their world speed record realised with the Velox 3 bike.

Photos courtesy Bas de Meijer

The VeloX 3 saw the return of a circular chainset and the introduction of rear-wheel drive with planetary second stage and radial-ply Michelin tyres, while keeping the monocoque structure and camera system. Ambition became reality in September 2013, when Sebastiaan Bowier reached a top speed of 133.78 km/h in the VeloX 3, setting a new world speed record for human powered vehicles and securing first place in WHPSC 2013. To this day, Bowier remains the fastest self-powered human being on earth!