Author Instructions

Instructions for presenters

You can upload your presentation in the room before the start of the sessions or during the break. There will be students available to assist you. Please don’t rely on internet for running your presentation since we cannot guarantee the stability of the wifi connection.

Instructions Call-for-Papers Science & Cycling 2019

The submission of abstracts for the technical program is open to anyone who feels they can contribute to the topics of the conference or who feels that his or her topic should be given a podium at the conference.

The official deadline for submission is 6 March 2018.
Submit a paper after the deadline is possible, but we advise you to inform the organisation by email to make sure we can still fit it into the program.

For submission of abstracts special software is used enabling authors, reviewers and steering committee members to execute and follow the process on-line.
The authors are requested to indicate the relevant topic for their abstract in order to have the correct reviewers allocated to the abstract.
Authors can indicate their preferred method of presentation: Oral or poster presentation. The Steering Committee will treat abstracts submitted for oral and/or poster presentations equally. Due to composition of sessions and or programming issues the Steering Committee might ask authors to switch their preference after acceptance of the abstract.
Abstract composition

The abstract should have the following composition:
– Title
– Keywords (max 5)
– Abstract text (max 2 A4 pages or 600 words)

The abstract should consist of text and appropriate figures supporting the key message.
Please do not use more than 1 column, do not frame the text, and please upload the abstract as one document with embedded figures.

A good abstract consists of an introduction, the main description of theory or method and illustrated with figures, conclusions, optional acknowledgements and references. It should reflect work that is actually completed at the time of submission and not plans or ideas that are still taking shape in the mind of the author or research that is still highly immature.

The abstract must concentrate in itself the essential information of the presentation: purpose, methods, results and conclusions. It should be an abbreviated, informative, accurate representation of the presentation and not a mere recital of the subjects to be covered.

Abstract lay-out
• Follow the composition instructions of the software. (title, summary, body text etc.)
• Use font ‘Calibri 12pts’ with single line spacing. Set the alignment as justified and use the standard Word outline level (body text).
• Use 2,54 cm (1”) for top, bottom, left and right margin.
• Don’t use lay out settings such as columns.
• Number the figures sequentially, according to their appearance in the text, and check that each figure is cited in the text.
• Supply a short caption for each figure

Upload abstract
The abstract can be uploaded via de dedicated software on this website. After creating a login you can follow the steps in the submission program. The login can be used afterwards to access your submitted document and to make adjustments until the submission deadline.
The software used is provided and hosted by
Selection process
The Steering Committee will consider all abstracts submitted for the Science & Cycling 2018 Conference by March 6 2018, 23.59 hrs (GMT +1) and authors will be notified by the end of March 2018.
A group of reviewers selected by the Steering Committee will judge the submitted abstracts. It is the objective of the organisation to have at least two reviews for each abstract.
Based on the accepted abstracts the Steering Committee will compose the technical program sessions.

Selection criteria
During review the committee members will judge the abstract mainly on the following aspects:
• Quality of content
• Significance for theory or practice
• Originality and innovativeness

Terms & Conditions Call-for-Papers Science & Cycling 2018

The organisation invites authors to submit new and original material. If the material meets the criteria but has been presented in another meeting recently please indicate in which meeting it has been presented.
The organisation does not accept plagiarism. Therefore, if an abstract, after careful review, examination and consideration, is rejected on the basis of plagiarism, the abstract will be removed from the database and the presentation will not be included in the program or will be removed from the program if the information is received after acceptance.
Please note: The organiser cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, direct, indirect or consequential damage in any way as a result of removal of the abstract and/or cancellation of the presentation due to an act of plagiarism.

It is the responsibility of the author to have permission to publish data, figures or other material from third parties used in the abstract and/or in the presentation. The organiser cannot take responsibility for this.

The accepted abstracts will be made available to the participants of the conference via a secure website and/or USB stick or other data-storage device. A printed version could be made available to the participants.
An agreement has been made with the Journal of Science & Cycling.
Authors are asked to give a written statement to the organisation if they are not in agreement with this publication.
Authors will have the possibility to extend their abstract into a full paper or article for purpose of publication in the Journal of Science & Cycling. In such case the editorial committee of the journal will execute an extra review of the material.

Authors with accepted papers for the conference have to cover their own travel expenses, including registration for the conference.

An author cancelling his presentation is kindly asked to try to arrange a co-author to present the paper. The organisation wants to provide a solid quality program without no-shows in the program. If the abstract/paper cannot be presented at the conference the material will be removed from all publication channels related to the conference.
If an author wants to cancel his/her paper because of permission issues or other eligible reasons the organisation like to receive this the latest June 1st. After this date the organiser cannot guarantee removal of the abstract from the conference related publication channels.

Please note: The organiser cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, direct, indirect or consequential damage as a result of withdrawal, removal or non-removal of the abstract in any way.