Lower Quarter Disorders Evaluation and Interventions On and Off the Bike

Lower Quarter Disorders – Evaluation and Interventions On and Off the bike

curtis MC workOn 3 July a masterclass will be given by Curtis Cramblett.
Location: UFR-STAPS, Nantes



Course Description
From the Pelvis to the foot and all the knee dysfunction in between.  Come learn on and off bike evaluation and intervention strategies.  These include evaluation of the biomechanics of the LE on and off the bike, exercises for correction of underlying drivers, and on bike accommodations to decrease stress to dysfunctional areas.

Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
Detailed time table will follow later

Who is this class for?
All medical and ancillary clinicians who work with cyclists including: Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Bike fitters, Physicians, Coaches


  • Identify and understand efficient and aberrant biomechanics of the Lower Quarter cycling
  • Specific bike fit ‘solutions’ / accommodations for some common lower extremity complaints
  • Off-bike interventions, including – Hands-on and Exercise strategies for improved mobility
  • Off-bike interventions including – Exercise strategies for strength and coordination
  • The difference between between an accommodated fit and an optimal position fit and how to find the balance between the two
  • Understand how to integrate your findings from the physical and on-bike cycling evaluations into actionable bike fit and treatment interventions

About the instructor

curtis cramblettCURTIS CRAMBLETT is the founder of Revolutions In Fitness in San Jose, California. He is a physical therapist, cycling coach and certified bikefitter.
Curtis has been practicing as a Licensed Physical Therapist (LPT) for over 15 years. He holds a BS in Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy from Ohio University. He is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) with the Institute of Physical Arts. Continual education and certification efforts are a product of his unique dedication to staying on the cutting-edge of advances in the world of physical therapy and sports medicine.

Curtis has been primarily treating a sports medicine and active population. He also works with professional and Olympic level athletes and is an expert at identifying and addressing musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Curtis was selected by the Garmin-Cervélo Professional Cycling Team for bike fitting and physical therapy services. Curtis has also provided services to numerous Olympic, professional and elite athletes including cycling, triathletes, Olympic speed skaters and professional golfers.

Curtis has been an avid cyclist for more than 20 years and has spent thousands of hours on his bike. He is a nationally competitive mountain bike racer and races road bikes regionally. He has also ridden several multi-day long distance rides, including the 600-mile California AIDS Ride. Decades of experience with competitive cycling, extensive continuing education in manual and exercise therapy, and an expert coaching certification has given him a unique perspective on the challenges and benefits of being an athlete, particularly a cyclist.

Thanks to his cycling career, Curtis has also had plenty of personal experience with injury–and recovery, including herniated discs, knee disorders, neck injuries and a myriad of other injuries.  He strives to help his clients identify and reach their fitness, health and athletic goals by applying solid principles and extensive knowledge. Through dedication to his craft and careful attention to his clients, Curtis enjoys seeing positive results and strong gains, time and time again.

Curtis is renowned for and sought after for his teaching. Some of the places he has taught at include:  Medicine of Cycling – US, Specialized BG School of Fitting, Science of Cycling, International Cycling symposium, International Symposium of Cycling Optimization.
Check out his 1 hour lecture at UCSF Mini Medical School: It’s not about the bike here – with over 1 million views and here for some of his vimeo lectures.

Please bring clothing appropriate for lab including kit and shoes / pedals if you are interested in being considered as an intermittent demo for the class


talansky“Curtis’s hands on work and exercises made a huge difference in my ability to sit straight on the bike and produce power. After your work was the best I have ever felt.”
-Andrew Talansky, pro cyclist, Cannondale Garmin.
2015 US Time Trial National Champion Winner, 2014 Criterium du Dauphine


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