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Albano, DanielePedaling Variability in Cycling: A Nonlinear ApproachAlbano, DanieleDaniele Albano ppt
Amatori, StefanoInfluence of Cadence and Road Gradient on Metabolic and Biomechanical Parameters during Submaximal Cycling: a Pilot 2×2 Factorial StudyAmatori, Stefanoposter
Aubert, RemiEffect of lubrication nature on chain drive efficiencyAubert, RemiRemi Aubert ppt
Barnaby, GeorgeExperimental determination of transmission performance: sensitivities to hardware design and test implementationBarnaby, GeorgeBarnaby, George ppt
Barnes, CallumArtificial Intelligence in cycling – live positional tracking using on-bike aerodynamic sensorsBarnes, Callum
Barranco, DavidThe use of the bicycle as a method to improve the strength of the cyclistn/aDavid Barranco ppt
Bertollo, MaurizioStress-recovery balance and well-being in cycling: psychological tips for performance optimization.n/aMaurizio Bertollo ppt
Bond, JackThe effect of infrared radiation emitting garments on oxygen uptake kinetics and oxygen cost during moderate intensity cyclingBond, Jack final
Buder, JensA test design for measuring power uptake of bicycle bottom bracket bearing assembliesBuder, Jens
Pappalardo, GiuseppinaSensitivity analysis of bicycle characteristics for pavement roughness monitoring by vibration dataCafiso, SalvatoreGiuseppa Pappalardo ppt
Cardinale, DanieleInnovations in Altitude Training: Exploring Novel Approaches, Physiological Effects, and Performance Enhancement Strategiesn/aNot available
Chia-Hsiang, ChenGender effect on lower limb kinematics during cyclingChen, Chia-Hsiang
Chou, LiComparison of indoor and outdoor riding abilityChou, Li Revision
Decroix, LieselotThe female cyclist: are men really from Mars and women from Venus?n/alieselot Decroix ppt
DeGolier, EricValidation of Body Rocket on-bike wind-tunnel technology: Drag measurement accuracy and aerodynamic gains sensitivityDeGolier, Eric FinalEric DeGolier ppt
Demay, RomainDurability is associated with higher resistance to fatigue in elite vs recreational cyclists.Demay, Romain
Dunst, Anna KatharinaUnderstanding optimal cadence dynamics: a systematic analysis of the power-velocity relationship in track cyclists with increasing exercise intensityDunst, AnnaAnna Katharina Dunst ppt
Dyck van, MatthewApplication of an innovative W' model in practice: optimizing the pacing strategy in elite track cyclingDyck van, Matthew
Fonda, BorutBiomechanical assessments and bike fitting in professional cyclingn/aBorut Fonda ppt
Fondriest, CarlottaPrevention, rehabilitation and biomechanical aspects in case of FLIA (Flow Limited Iliac Artery) in high-level cyclistsFondriest, CarlottaCarlotta Fondriest ppt
Gallo, GabrielePerforming high-intensity training following prolonged exercise impacts durability-related adaptationsGallo, Gabriele final
Gatti, OmarEpidemiological Analysis of Pain and Discomfort Among Italian Recreational CyclistsGatti, Omarposter
Giorgi, AndreaUltrasound assessment of subcutaneous adipose tissue in cyclists of different categoriesGiorgi, AndreaAndrea_Giorgi ppt
Greco, GiuseppeValidity of a commercial wearable sensor measuring respiratory frequency in cyclingGreco, GiuseppeGiuseppe Greco ppt
Green, DanielThe relationship between changes in Haemoglobin Mass and Plasma Volume on Cycling Performancen/a
Harrison, PaddyThe effect of low-intensity exercise duration on acute skeletal muscle signalling responsesHarrison, PaddyPaddy harrison ppt
Iriberri, JonA new approach to pedalling technique analysisn/aJon Iriberri ppt
Kerckhove, ManonExploring Basal Metabolism Insights from Pro Tour CyclistsKerckhove, Manon
Knobbe, ArnoHeart rate response times measured in the field as indicators for endurance performance in cyclingKnobbe, ArnoArno Knobbe ppt
Kontro, HilkkaMaximum Power Available: An important concept for prediction of task failure and improved estimation of training loads in cyclingKontro, Hilkka finalHilkka Kontro ppt
Lagoute, ThomasThe cost of cornering: Quantifying Individual variation in power demands and energetics during the many twists and turns of a cycling racen/a
Lamberts, RobertThe influence of fatigue accumulation on neuromuscular activation patterns and synergies; a case study during a multistage mountain bike racen/aRobert Lamberts ppt
Lin, Yi-HsuanMeasuring the Aerodynamic Drag Reduction Effects of Jerseys in Road Riding ExperimentsLin revision
Lin, Yi-LiaDevelopment and validation of cycling self-efficacy scale
Lin, Yi-LiaGender Difference in Functional Threshold Power testing among triathletes: a comparative analysisLin, Yi-Hia
Marcora, SamueleFatigue and cycling performance; exploring the effects of different kinds of fatiguen/aSamuele Marcora ppt
Martinez-Gonzalez, BorjaExternal and Internal Load Variations in Professional Male Cyclists during a 14-day Training CampMartinez-Gonzalez, Borja
McCallister, ErinImpact of Different Biomechanical Models on Knee Kinematics and Bicycle Fit RecommendationsMcCallister, ErinErin Mccallister ppt
Meixner, BenediktPreliminary data The effect of creatine supplementation on power output, lactate accumulation following 15 s all out sprint testsMeixner, benedikt revision
Mennen, BramTraining volume and altitude training are associated with power output and race results; a longitudinal case study of an elite female cyclistMennen, Bramposter
Moran, JamesNutritional demands calculations and data integrationn/a
Moreno, AnerAre the first hours of the stages a determining aspect in the cyclists’ performance? Analysis in a Grand Tour race: Pro Team vs. World Tour categoryMoreno, AnerAner Moreno ppt
Paonessa, PaolaThe relationship between body position and low back pain in amatorial cyclists: case seriesPaonessa, Paola Revisionposter
Peters, John / David TinkerBuilding an integrated data Hub for professional cycling; status updaten/a
Pieri, GiovanniThrifty ReservoirPieri, Giovanni 1.1Giovanni Pieri PPT
Pirlot, ThibaudComparative Analysis of Effort Tolerance between National Level and Professional Road Cyclists: A Psychological ApproachPirlot, Thibaud
Poddar, LalitEstimation of Heart Rate Recovery from Field Rides
Robberechts, RubenPost-exercise ketone supplementation improves endurance performance and mitochondrial adaptations during an 8-week endurance training interventionRobberechts, Ruben
Robyn, EmslieThe impact of the menstrual cycle on power output during standardised submaximal training ride.Robyn, Emslieposter
Royle, CarolInvestigating Anxiety in Highly Trained and Elite CyclistsRoyle finalCarol Royle ppt
Sablain, MatticeA Critical Analysis of the Maximal Rate of Lactate Accumulation and Estimated Maximal Lactate Steady State in CyclingSablain, MatticeMattice Sablain ppt
San Millán, Iñigothe importance of mitochondrial function in cyclingn/anot presented
Seiler, StephenHow professional cycling is changing the way we do Sport Sciencen/aStephen Seiler ppt
Shaffer, AaronCycling Under Pressure: Tips for Maintaining Mental Health and Performance”Shaffer, Aaron
Stadnyk, AntonyDeveloping training intelligence in interdisciplinary performance teams: perspectives from elite track cyclingStadnyk, AntonyAntony Stadnyk ppt
Stessens, LoesEstimation of LT with dynamic transfer function models with commercial HR and power sensor dataStessens, LoesLoes Stessens ppt
Swart, JeroenDurability
Terol, SebastienAerobars Position Effect: What is the Interaction Between Aerodynamic Drag and Power Production?Terol, Sébastien
Toquin Le, BryanCompetitive demand and training characteristics of international level paracyclistsLe Toquin, BryanBryan le Toquin ppt
Torres, AndresMachine learning models to predict kinetic variables in cyclingTorres, Andres finalAndres Torres ppt
Verstockt, StevenMulti-sensor based Analysis of the Changeovers in Team Pursuit
Verstockt, Steven Revision
Verwulgen, StijnFemale Cycling Movement: how to construct biomechanical digital-twinsVerwulgen, Stijn
Viljoen, LiezlThe effect of menstrual cycle and fatigue on 20-min time trial performanceViljoen, Liezlposter
Weber, SebastianIntegrating Science and Practice: Insights from coaching the worlds best time trialistsn/a
Welburn, AlexThe effect of reducing work rate on total work done, and exercise tolerance, during severe intensity exercise.Welburn, Alex
Wraggle-Morley, RobertBig Sprockets and Small-Pitch Chains: Advancements in Transmissions for Olympic Track CyclingWragge-Morley, RobertWragge-Morley, Robert ppt
Xian, Tai-JianGender Differences in Cycling Cadence and Related, physiological responses for amateur cyclistsXian, Jia
Zignoli, AndreaIncorporating the maximal mean power profile in time trial simulations for more efficient optimal pacing strategy calculationsZignoli, Andrea revisionAndrea Zignoli ppt
Bertron, YannFatigue resistance in road cycling: does the intensity of the accumulated work impact power output ?Bertron, Yann
Zenger, Nina / Muller, BeatEngine Check: The Swiss Round-the-Clock Talent Screening ApproachBeat Muller poster

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