Sylvain Dorel

sylvain dorel

SYLVAIN DOREL, is an Associate Professor at the Laboratory “Movement, Interactions, Performance” (EA 4334) of the University of Nantes (France). He has a background in Human Movement Sciences and worked as researcher at the French Institute of Sport (INSEP, France) from 2005 to 2010. His research focuses on the muscle biomechanics and the neuromuscular functions and their adaptations. Using a « neuromechanical » approach, the goal is to better understand the motor function and its plasticity by coupling the study of contractile and elastic properties of the muscles (e.g., the muscle-tendon interactions) and the neural drive sent to theses muscles (e.g., muscle coordination). Several studies over the last 12 years concerned pedaling with specific interest into the optimization of the maximal power and the top level performance in cycling. These studies were carried out in close collaboration with the French Cycling Federation for which he serves as Scientific Advisor from the last three Olympic Games (2008-2016, especially track cycling). He recently started a collaboration with the pro cycling team Direct Energie. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers and serves as reviewer for almost 15 international journals (including “Journal of Science and Cycling”).