SportTechMatch matchmaking event

During the conference a matchmaking event will be organised by the Enterprise Europe Network. Companies, researchers and technologists will be offered a chance to meet potential foreign partners active in the field of cycling and other sports technologies. In pre-arranged face-to-face meetings they will have a chance to establish profitable new cooperation opportunities in business, technology transfer and research & development. Participants will have the opportunity to publish cooperation profiles on this website and to send and receive cooperation requests. On the basis of accepted requests b2b meetings will be scheduled which will take place during the conference.

Company profile
It is important to create a strong profile as this will be your advertisement to attract potential partners. As the profiles will be visible before and even after the event the SportTechMatch website will serve as a marketplace.

To register and set up a profile for the SportTechMatch follow this link:
SportTechMatch registration

Important Participants in the SporTechMatch need to register for the Science & Cycling Conference. There are no additional costs for participating in the Matchmaking.

Website SportTechMatch