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List of oral presentations (update March 22, 2015)

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Carol AustinMTN QhubekaIdentifying & Enabling African Cycling Talent - MTN Qhubeka moving Africa forward
Tessa BackhuijsUMC UtrechtAmateur Cyclist can complete the full Tour de France in the same Amount of Days as professional Cyclists
William BertucciUniversity Reims Champagne Ardenne
Evaluation of comfort: Acceleration transmissibility of different road bikes
Manhal BoyaUniversity of Essex
Differences in visual information-seeking behavior between expert and novice time-trial cyclists
Anthony BouillodSports University of Besancon
Validity of Track Aero System to assess aerodynamic drag in professional cyclists
Jos de KoningVrije Universiteit AmsterdamAn investigation of the underlying mechanisms of overtraining in a natural experimental model
Hedda GiorgiQueensland Academy of Sport
Internal Mechanical Power During Cycling Using Non-Circular Versus Circular Chainrings
Harrie HaenenUniversity of MaastrichtSeparating muscular and non-muscular forces at the pedal
Mathieu HeijboerLotto Jumbo ProCycling TeamPedaling patterns of professional cyclists during a Grand Tour
Levi HeimansVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The effect of aerodynamic characteristics on the drafting effect in track cycling
Sven HoekstraUniversity of GroningenThe effects of 4 months handbike training under free-living conditions on physical fitness and health outcomes
James HopkerUniversity of KentUsing retrospective analysis of race results to determine success in elite cycling
Jason HyndTeesside University
Rehabilitation of a tibial plateau fracture within an elite female mountainbiker. A case report.
Charles DauweGhent UniversityAnalysis of Mean Maximal Power in cycling with a modified Critical Power model allowing for a non-constant Anaerobic Work Capacity
Lotte KrausGesellschaft für Biomechanik Münster gmbH
Evaluating the central pressure point to determine the optimal saddle setback
Koen LevelsVrije Universiteit AmsterdamThe effect of deceptive information about receiving cooling on pacing pattern during a 20-km cycling time trial in the heat
Heinz LugoLoughborough University
The effects of varied terrain and bicycle fitting on aerobic power production: Test methodology
Heinz LugoLoughborough UniversityEffect of feedback on cycling performance in a 4-kilometre laboratory time trial
Fabio MaliziaKU LeuvenNumerical simulations of cross wind effect on cyclist aerodynamic resistance
Pieter MertensBioracer MotionA new approach to bike fitting: Presenting bilateral motion analysis data to gain insight in the ideal bike fit.
David Nichols (Nathan Townsend)Aspetar, Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital
Thresholds in ventilation, cerebral and muscle oxygenation, and muscle activity during incremental cycling exercise
Louis PassfieldUniversity of KentUsing power meters to monitor and evaluate training
Daniel SchadeGebioMizedContact Point Management of Professional Cyclists
Andrea SciacchitanoTU Delft
A quantitative flow visualization technique for on-site sport aerodynamics optimization
Albert SmitAlbertWOT
Power-velocity curve: relevance of the SRM Ergometer for simulated cycling performance and constant duration tests
David SundstromMid Sweden UniversityOptimal distribution of power output and braking for corners in road cycling
Jeroen SwartUniversity of Cape TownAn analysis of intrinsic factors, performance, comfort and economy in relation to static and dynamic whole body kinematics in recreational and elite cyclists
Nathan TownsendAspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine HospitaModeling intermittent cycling performance in hypoxia using the critical power concept
Johannes van BeekVU University Medical Centre
"Computer modelling of energy turnover and body temperatures in elite cyclists during climbing:
steep, steeper, Angliru; cold, colder, Gavia."
Wannes van HoofKU LeuvenLow Back Pain in Cycling: does it matter how you sit?
Paul VisentiniPhysiosportsThe Body & the Bike: A Closed Kinetic Chain analysis of Cycling Overuse Injury.
Guido VroemenSMA Midden NederlandThe use of power data in the Roompot Pro/Continental Cycling team and in Elite Pro Ironman triathletes
Guido VroemenSMA Midden NederlandThe secret of cycling: The science of cycling explained in mathematical models
Sebastian WeberCannondal Garmin TeamApplied simulation of the energy metabolism in professional cycling
James WrightSouthampton Solent University
The reliability and validity of the 3-minute critical power test in linear and isokinetic mode
Emma ZadowUniversity of Tasmania
Validity of the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer and Reliability of a 4 km Cycle Time Trial