Announcement: Science & Cycling 2020 cancelled (22 June 2020)

Over the last few weeks we have consulted a lot of people involved in Science & Cycling: Speakers, instructors, participants, committee members and representatives of several teams.

We came to the conclusion that many speakers are not able to travel and several people within teams have indicated that they have to stay with the team during the Tour  in order to avoid any risk. Furthermore the health regulations are still limiting what we can do.

Based on all this the most sensible decision is to cancel the conference for 2020 and come back in 2021. It is a difficult decision to make but it seems the best for everybody involved.

We are planning to offer online presentations/video’s starting this fall. If you are interested or have suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us.
We will discuss with the authors to publish material submitted in the Journal of Science and Cycling.

I’m really sorry for this situation, but at this moment health and safety of everybody involved is important.

Follow our website for the latest information.

We would like to thank our sponsors Inscyd and Cyclus 2 for their continuing support, our host University Côte d’Azur for their willingness to host the event and of course the committee members, authors, instructors and reviewers for their efforts.

We will come with information on date and place for the 2021 edition as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Anton van Gerwen