Endurance Training (Iñigo Mujika)

We are very sorry that we have to inform you that the masterclass on Endurance has been cancelled

Endurance Training Masterclass

On 28 June a master class will be given by Iñigo Mujika.

The set-up of the master class will be in four sessions of 1,5 hour each.

  1. Scientific bases of endurance training
  2. Quantification of training and competition loads
  3. Tapering and peaking for optimal performance
  4. Strength training for endurance performance

Masterclass Schedule

 Master ClassInigo Mujika
09:30Part 1Scientific bases of endurance training
11:00Coffee Break
11:20Part 2 Quantification of training and competition loads
12:50Lunch Break
13:40Part 3Tapering and peaking for optimal performance
15:10Coffee Break
15:30Part 4Strength training for endurance performance

About the instructor

MujikaIÑIGO MUJIKA  earned Ph.D.s in Biology of Muscular Exercise (University of Saint-Etienne, France) and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (University of The Basque Country). He is a Level III Swimming and Triathlon Coach and coaches World Class triathletes. His main research interests include training methods and recovery, tapering, detraining and overtraining. He has performed extensive research on the physiological aspects associated with performance in professional cycling, swimming, running, rowing, tennis, football and water polo. He received research fellowships in Australia, France and South Africa, published over 90 articles in peer reviewed journals, four books and 30 book chapters, and has given 220 lectures and communications in international conferences and meetings. Iñigo was Senior Physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport in 2003 and 2004. He was Head of Physiology and Training at Euskaltel Euskadi in 2005 and 2013, and between 2006 and 2008 he was Head of Research and Development at Athletic Club Bilbao professional football club. Iñigo was Physiology consultant of the Spanish Swimming Federation in the lead-up to London 2012. He is now Associate Professor at the University of the Basque Country, Associate Researcher at Finis Terrae University in Chile, and Associate Editor for the International Journal of Sports