Dominic Micklewright



DOMINIC MICKLEWRIGHT, is the Dean of Partnerships at the University of Essex in the UK, and a Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology. His research has focused on understanding attention, perception and other cognitive processes associated with the judgement and decision-making  of endurance cyclists. His most recent work has used eye-tracking as an alternative to deception to provide new objective insights about the visual information acquisition behaviour of time trial cyclists, suggesting that knowledge endpoint proximity may not be the exclusive driver of pacing decisions as suggested in previous models. He has also brought new insights about the much debated conscious versus subconscious pacing problem, offering a multidimensional perspective and suggestions of how cognitive psychology methods might be adapted to better understand decision-making processes in cyclists. He has been at the University of Essex since 2003 and prior to that had careers as a Police Officer in London and as a Submariner and Diver in the Royal Navy.