Science contributions to development of (professional) cycling

An international conference in conjunction with the start of the Tour de France.

During the conference experts from the competitive cycling world and scientists will exchange the latest research and experiences. Alongside the conference an experience square will be set up in which companies and institutes can give demonstrations of their products and technologies.

The participants will consist of researchers, doctors, nutrition experts, sports directors, cycling organisations, trainers and cyclists/triathletes. The conference aims to get also contributions from other sport disciplines all with the objective of learning and sharing experience.

The Steering Committee will invite keynote speakers to share their views with the audience and experts from all over the world are invited to present their work in the conference.

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Endorsing organisations

Steering Committee

Jan Boone
Frederik Broché
Lieselot Decroix
Fred Grappe
Peter Hespel
James Hopker
Robert Lamberts
Romain Meeusen

Brussel Grand Depart 2019


Before and after the conference masterclasses will be scheduled. 


Several companies will display products and will give demo’s. More information to follow.

Featured Talks & Speakers

The committee will invite a number of internatinal experts to share their knowledge with the audience. The names will be announced over the coming months..

Peter Hespel

Oral ketone ester intake to improve performance in cycling

Carl Foster

The Session RPE method as a device for monitoring training (working title)

Jeroen Swart

Practical implementations of a multi-tiered load monitoring system in World Tour Cycling

Yannick Balk

The role of Mental recovery (working title)

Robert Lamberts

Performance load and recovery during the Cape Epic race (working title)

Stephen Cheung

The role of the mind during performance in the heat

Dajo Sanders

Monitoring the training process of professional cyclists

Andrea Sciacchitano

State-of-the-art and technology advances for cycling aerodynamics

Jan Boone

The Critical Power Concept, its recovery kinetics and the application in (track) cycling (working title)

Teun van Erp

Training load in elite cycling (working title)

Martijn van Hooff

Blood flow limitations in the iliac arteries in cyclists.Impact on performance measured by new diagnostic techniques during exercise

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