Program 2018

Below you find the preliminary program of the conference. During the coming weeks small changes might occur. The program is available in 3 formats:

1.Preliminary Program 1.7 (2 May 2018)

2. Responsive program file

3. Program tables (see below)

Wednesday 4 July 2018 Auditorium 1

 Chairman: Sylvan DorelWelcome & Opening Session
09:10Charles DauweA Critical confusion
09:40Alain GroslambertWhat can Cycling learn from other sports?
10:10Mikel ZabalaKey variables to control the training process in cycling
10:40Coffee Break
SessionGeneral 1Chairman: ....
11:00Daniel GreenTraining and racing in the World Tour

11.30Adrian RotunnoHow do you monitor health in riders in preparation and during a Grand Tour?
12:00Dan LorangWhat changed ? - How Team BORA-hansgrohe evaluates & monitors physiological responses to training and racing periods
12:30Lunch Break
13:20Poster PresentationsExhibition visit

SessionGeneral 2Chairman:
13:40Stephen CheungAdapting to training and competing in the heat
14:10Hunter Allen
Bi-lateral Power Measurement: What it means and how to use it
14:40Sylvain DorelOptimizing muscle coordination and pedaling technique" what does it mean and is it really beneficial for performance? 
15:10Phil Burt
Crank length-the golden bullet fit parameter for aero, power and sustainability/comfort?
15:40Coffee Break
Session1Chairman: .....
16:00Jeroen SwartLaboratory performance testing: Validity, reliability and practical relevance, including interesting data from a multiple Tour winner
16:30Valentin Gallet
Machine learning and physical modelling: optimizing the performance and strategy for time trials
16:50Stefan WolfModeling in Road Cycling for Optimal Pacing Strategies: Theory vs. Practice
17:10Guillaume Lemaitre
Machine learning and physical modelling: optimizing the performance and strategy for time trials
17:30Kevin PoultonThe use of Heart Rate Variability to optimise acute and chronic training loads and recovery in recreational and elite cyclists
17:50Robert StanleyPredicting a Power-Duration Curve in Elite Endurance Track Cyclists
20:00Conference EveningLocation to be confirmed

Wednesday 4 July 2018 Auditorium 2

Session2Chairman: .....
16:30Jaerich Braeckevelt
Data driven bike fitting
16:50Cedric Lemaitre
First evaluation of an automated system for cyclist’s aerodynamic drag assessment

17:10Tomoki KitawakiA pedaling force vector can be represented by the sum of three elemental force vector waveforms
17:30José Ramon Lillo-BeviaValidity and Reliability of the Powertap P1 Pedals Power Meter
17:50Howard HurstMagnitude of Translational and Rotational Head Accelerations During Downhill Mountain Biking

20:00Conference EveningLocation to be confirmed

Thursday 5 July 2018 Auditorium 1

09:00Dominic Micklewright
Human Perception and Cycling: Effort, Fatigue and Performance
09:30Lieselot Decroix
Nutritional Supplements and the Brain

10:00Darias Holgado Nunez
Null effects of tDCS over the Left Prefrontal Cortex on Self-paced Exercise and EEG
10:20Andy Sparks
Pre-exercise optimisation of the alkalosis response to sodium bicarbonate ingestion: have we been missing its peak ergogenic effect?

10:40Coffee Break
Session4Chairman: ....
11:00Sebastian WeberMetabolic responses in high intensity interval training in elite cyclists – same training different stimulus?!

11.30Bent RonnestadAdding vibration to high-intensity intervals increase time at high oxygen uptake in well-trained cyclists

11:50Alejandro Javaloyes
Training prescription guided by heart rate variability in cycling
12:10Andrea GiorgiExternal training load, performance markers and body composition of professional road cyclists with-in competitive season
12:30Lunch Break
13:20Poster PresentationsExhibition visit

Thursday 5 July 2018 Auditorium 2

10:00Martin DobiaschGuiding athletes through heartrate and power based tasks

10:20Theo Ouvrard
The new Exposure Variation Analysis (EVA) method to compare pacing strategy and performance during professional time-trial competitions
10:40Gorkem Aybars Balci
Effects of high intensity continuous and intermittent training strategies used for endurance development on cardio-vascular responses
11:00Coffee Break
Session6Chairman: ....
11.30Geoffrey MillourEffects of cycling shoe cleat position in performance and physiological variables during cycling and subsequent running in simulated Olympic distance triathlon
11:50Iris SachetRelation between maximal power in sprint cycling, pedal force orientation and strength capability of the main lower limb muscle groups in elite sprint cyclists
12:10Masahiro Fukuda
Connection between Heel Motion and Torque in crank revolution
12:30Lunch Break
13:20Poster PresentationsExhibition visit

Thursday 5 July 2018 Auditorium 1

13:50Curtis Cramblett
Fixed!: The 4 steps to comprehensive rehabilitation
14:20Wendy HollidayKinematics, muscle recruitment patterns and pressure mapping in cycling biomechanics - Recent research findings and practical outcomes

14:40Maxime Robin
Muscle-tendon behaviour during sprint in road cyclists: Effect of the force-velocity condition
15:00Victor SchollerEffect of mountainbike spirgrips® on transmissibility of mechanical vibrations, perceived comfort, muscular activity and hand grip force
15:20Nicki AlmquistEffect of including 30-s sprints in prolonged endurance exercise on muscular adaptations and gross efficiency in highly trained cyclists
15:40Coffee Break
Session8Chairman: .....
16:00Andrea WoolesThe MacGyver Approach: Research & Innovation on a Budget
16:20Stepen Barrett
Developing riders in a pro continental team (working title)

16:40Richard AndersonConcussion assessment in cycling: a systematic review and call to action

Thursday 5 July 2018 Auditorium 2

14:20Cyril GranierPower and force-velocity relationships during international olympic cross-country mountain bike competitions

14:40Knut Skovereng
The effect of time trial position on physiological variables in elite cycling
15:00Matthias HovorkaEffects of flat and uphill cycling on the power duration relationship
15:20Gabriel MartinsThe effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse on physical performance during a 24.5 km cycling time trial
15:40Coffee Break
Session10Chairman: .....
16:00Alfred NimmerichterMuscle deoxygenation during moderate- and severe-intensity cycling in youth elite-cyclists
16:20Peter Leo
Muscle deoxygenation kinetics in cycling time trial
16:40Erik KolsungPhysiological response to cycling with variable versus constant power output
17:00Mireille Mostaert

Anthropometry, physical fitness, and coordination in young cyclists of different disciplines